Old Timer Jailed for Threatening to Sue County

henrymakow.com – Nov 21, 2018

Rich Loomis,71, tried to live off the grid but the long arm of government reached out to remind him that America no longer respects individual freedom.
“I spent five weeks in jail before being able to post bond, most of it spent on the hard concrete floor with only a thin, packed-fibre mat, among other pleasures and benefits  of a jailed existence.”

By Rich Loomis — (henrymakow.com)

Rich Loomis

Rich Loomis

It may be of passing interest to you to learn of how my sometimes “big mouth” landed me in jail for 5 weeks earlier this year!
And even now I am threatened with a prison sentence of 2 – 6 years, plus up to $100,000 in punitive fines if convicted in my upcoming “criminal” trial in January. Being now retired at age 71 on nothing more than a very modest Social Security check, it would be quite the ignominious end for an otherwise law-abiding citizen and honourably discharged veteran.
What did I do to deserve this situation? Well, I did what I had always promised myself that I would do.
It is one thing to read accounts on the Internet (and elsewhere) about outrageous injustices done in some other part of the world — or the USA in particular — but it is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish when one discovers a putrid stench originating virtually in one’s own backyard. Having never been the sort to jump into my car and travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles, so as to insert myself into (for example) a protest against Monsanto, or perhaps chain myself along with the “greenies” to a tree somewhere, or climb the fence into a nuclear power facility along with a few nuns (who are now in prison for their act) no — rather instead, my excuse had always been that a vital issue or incident would have to occur within my “every day” purview or experience, in order for me to get involved.
Well, it took 71 years for that to happen… though I may be too glib in saying so, for I surely must have simply “tuned out” other opportunities for meaningful activism… but regardless, the universe finally found the appropriate time and occasion to put my semi-conscious “vow” to the test.


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