BAE unveils stealth tanks

The Drum – January 15, 2011

Several tonnes of armour plated metal and roiling engine might not seem the easiest object in the world to make invisible but boffins at BAE Systems believe that they have hit upon a way of rendering the mobile artillery vehicles “invisible”.

 The new breed of “e-camouflaged” tank boasts electronic ink and sensors which project images upon the outside of the vehicle in sync with its surroundings to flummox our enemies.

Within five years the battle ready TVs could be rolling unnoticed across war zones flattening any confused infantry in their tracks, meaning they could see service with the British Army in Afghanistan.

Seven different military vehicles are currently being developed as part of the Future Protected Vehicle programme, including unmanned robotic device.

They include a metallic menagerie of painful sounding opponents including ‘Pointer’, an agile forward observation and mine clearance robot and ‘Raider’; an unmanned recce and skirmish platform said to be akin to the Batmobile.


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