“There’s an Ill Wind in the Willows”

Smoking Mirrors – January 15, 2011

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I’ve been thinking about the way people read the important elements of life and why they can’t get a handle on what things mean which, invariably leads to them taking the ‘off the wall’ interpretations of the talking heads of media (read, government/corporation mouthpieces) and religion. A lot of people who consider themselves too intelligent to believe in anything, because they know they are being lied to, wind up mislead as much as the people whose belief systems they despise and they wind up cynical as well, which leads them into curmudgeon territory as they age. You are actually supposed to get younger and more serene as you age instead of senile and conflicted; the prey of neurosis and weird tics that lead to having the TV and the radio on every waking moment, because of the yawing jaws of uncertainty that approach more closely, with each passing day.

I’m going to present my perspective here (note the word perspective) on how it looks to me, based on both intuitive and experiential intake and observations.

One might wonder at the nature of prophecy and how it is that certain seers and so called prophets can predict future events, hundreds and even thousands of years ahead. Of course, their predictions are often presented in symbolic language packed with analogy and metaphor but let’s just put that aside for the moment and maybe altogether. You’ll get enough from the rest of it anyway and, since I am presenting a perspective we can allow for a certain amount of assumption (grin).

Events can be predicted because human nature doesn’t change. It may be better or worse at different times, depending on whether the times contain a greater measure of light or darkness; collective, enlightened awareness as opposed to collective ignorance and superstition, however, the human experience invariably cycles through the same repetition of ‘predictable’ events. We’re cycling into one of them now. The Revelation of St. John of Patmos is an example of predictive prophecy, clothed in symbolic language and people are seeing all kinds of parallels to that at the moment. Revelation and Apocalypse are pretty much the same. We’re seeing two roads moving parallel to each other with a big fork in the road ahead. There are connecting points on the way where members of either may pass over to the other for… a while, preceding the forking. On one road are those awakening and on the other, those who have bought the whole status quo package of deceit and disinfo.

One truism that I like to keep reminded of is, “as above, so below”. We occupy a place that could be called ‘middle Earth’. Below that are the infernal regions and above it are the celestial kingdoms. There are degrees of all three. Some parts of ‘middle Earth’ resemble the infernal more than the middle and some parts are more celestial than middle. This may all seem pretty matter of fact and dry at the moment but I have to set the stage for what I’m going to say.

In the infernal regions, you have devils or demons. In the celestial regions you have angels or devas. They serve a significant purpose in middle Earth. Human nature is drawn or attracted in one of two directions; usually it’s a bit of both, depending on the darkness of the age. What devils do is to lure and to amplify the lower characteristics of humanity. They’re supposed to make evil and ignorance attractive. They’re very busy and that’s probably why they are usually portrayed as being red in color. The governments and religions of the world, at this time are mostly controlled by the infernal kingdom. The media is the mouthpiece of the devil, whose actually meaning turns out to be ‘slanderer’ so I guess ‘liar’ comes into that as well as Father of Lies. This is the present state of the thrones of the world but it should not be assumed that that is where the real control lies. The real control is above and also within and watchful.

Angels observe human behavior and offer options all along the way of any given life. Depending on the karma or debt weight of the individual, comes the latitude given. Eventually they step in at some point and provide a lesson. It can be gentler or more severe, depending. They run the show under the authority of the ultimate ruler and the devils simply provide the environment in which the lessons take place.

We get warnings all the time but we don’t hear or acknowledge them. It interferes with our free will and our assumed position of knowing what’s going on when we don’t. As a result we get corrected all along the way. We often don’t listen to this either and eventually it leads to severe corrections, which can be terminal and worse. You can look at this mathematically and you can look at this as a philosophical construct or you can just look at it as a game. There are two sides playing and you are the ball. Unlike in most games, the ball has some say in the play. Most of the time, the ball just acts like a ball, according to whether the times are darker or lighter; sometimes the ball is conscious and has a lot to do with the outcome. People do not understand the value of a human birth or what the potential is.

A lot of people think the challenges involved in coming to fruition are just too much. Because of cognitive dissonance they don’t see that what they are going through it pretty hard as well, with very little payoff outside this vale of tears. We are gods in the making acting like fools in waiting, without waiting very long, given the opportunity and that is one form of opportunity that knocks more than once.

A lot of people are upset about the shooting in Arizona, especially the little girl. They don’t seem to get that Obama kills more little girls and boys than that every day. They don’t get that that congresswoman does too. They don’t get all the lives ruined by judges that enforce unfair and insane laws against the public that judges are sworn to serve and protect. They don’t get how the outraged public that is all worked up about these killings; willingly support far greater murders every day. They don’t get it.

People listen to the devil and the devil lives in Obama and his court; the other royal courts and the various congresses and judiciaries of the world. There’s a real angel shortage in these locations. People swallow the sewer water lies of a diabolical media and act according to the swill they take in, as if the truth could be found anywhere in or near it. They get righteous and patriotic about thugs and brutes, while people too poor to move out of range are gunned down by video game toys. They support their own comfort level and name themselves human, while their comfort level is the reason for so many deaths; all while their comfort level disappears at the hands of the real bastards; the bankers, corporations and Wall Street gangs of psychopathic, fountain pen killers.

Nothing has to be as it is but it is as it is, because people listen to one side of things and think that they are on the side of the angels, when they are actually on the other side. There isn’t much one can say. It’s self evident or it’s as clear as mud.

Famous entertainers and celebrities rush to disaster zones and billions get collected by people looking to make themselves feel good, while the money disappears and no good is accomplished whatsoever. Then they can go to their fine, wined dinners and talk about world hunger and how much they donated.

I’ve run out of things to say. I was going to say more but my hearts not in it. I think I’ll go chainsaw some firewood and think about things but probably not too much. What I like to think about would have me locked up just for thinking about it, as soon as they can get around to making a law against it. I like to think about other worlds and other times and the dreams I’ve been having. All of that’s not against the law yet but it probably will be. It won’t matter to me. I only obey the laws I believe in. The rest of those laws apply to other people who think there is a reason for having such laws. Things and conditions apply to the people who believe in them. That goes for institutions and pretty much anything. Usually I like to sum things up at the end but this time, I’ll leave it to the rest of you.

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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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