Blood and Fear in the Self Confined Penitentiary of the Mind.

Smoking Mirrors – Nov 17, 2018

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A few years ago I went through a values conflict where I had to make a decision. At the time I was being regularly posted at Whatreallyhappens and Rense. Previously I had also been featured at a number of high profile sites on the internet. During this period it was not unusual for me to get tens of thousands of visitors for every posting. Now I am at a few thousand. Of course, that is probably the core group that actually read the commentaries, got the commentaries and were in spiritual agreement with me, concerning the existence of a divine being- luminous entities and a supernal hierarchy. I didn’t lose anything that was there in the first place.
In order to remain at these sites, I had to tailor my work to fit the criteria for being linked. The webmaster for the two mentioned news gathering sites, consisted of a virulent atheist and a new age afficianado who was the lead singer for what might be metaphorically termed ‘ an information highway hair band’. I mean no criticisms of either in the statements just given. They are accurate and possibly understated. In all cases, personal vanity triumphed over the necessity for humility in truth telling and recognition of being a servant of the mass of seekers. It was preferential to maintaining a kind of Star Power that put their name brand on the product being proffered; like Jimmy Dean Sausage, as opposed to a corporate titling, like Hormel (even if there had been a Johnny Hormel somewhere.) It all got personalized. It’s like when Geraldo Rivera sets himself up as the central feature of a production where the program guests are reduced to secondary importance. Bill Maher does this, as did Barbara Walters and others. All of these venues are platforms for self aggrandizement or self diminishment in the face of a more important reality.
Once again, I sincerely mean no ill toward any of these people I interacted with. I’m simply illustrating what is visibly evident, following a brief scrutiny of the given theme of every case in any case. In every case one must, “follow the money.”
I had to choose between representing the invisible plane above the fold, instead of below the fold, or border-lining, which is probably more along the lines of what I was doing. I decided to go with the ineffable as being my main focus and everything else being ancillary to that and relevant as examples of misguided behavior or intentional deception; in the pursuit of the control of the masses for the purpose of sacrificing them to Satanic entities, who feed on Blood and Fear, served to them during evil rites performed by robed and cowled priests of the infernal order. This is achieved by transforming the population at a certain age into canon fodder, or rendering them into slaves of their hijacked physical senses, or utilizing them as routine collateral damage; evidence of what the rest of the rest of the people are given as representative of ‘shit that can happen if you don’t watch your ass.’
I was then summarily dropped from these sites for reasons given and not given …but which add up to the same thing. If you serve the light, the darkness will not promote you and you are either serving the light or any one of a multitude of chiaroscuro degrees of shadow; “fifty shades?” There’s more than fifty shades. That would be kind of self-defeating, yes? Of course, the seemingly endless battle of light and darkness was convincingly won long ago and is victorious at all times and clearly evident to those without samskaric blindfolds.
One site never dropped me and… interestingly, it was the first site to feature me and that is The Truthseeker, hosted by Rixon Stewart. Rixon has been a stalwart and fearless warrior for the truth behind appearances for years and I am going to feature a few links from his current virtual Rolodex of articles of the moment. They will serve to give a snapshot of the times. First up, an example of terrible irony and similar though usually less extreme (but still violent) events are occurring as a daily affair in Europe and elsewhere and occurring at the greatest extremes in the countries most supportive of open borders and toxic liberal agendas, as well as being a haven for alternative sexual-political extremists and social justice warriors; among the social justice warriors at this time are all sorts of high profile billionaire hypocrite types like JK Rowling and other self entangling snakes with their tails in their mouths; George Clooney’s worth is undervalued, given that he recently sold his tequila label for a billion dollars. There are legions of clueless rich people who are incapable of being embarrassed.
A short while ago I saw an astrological chart of the United States. It was during and about the last eclipse, I think… and the chart was almost a mirror image of the chart for France during the French Revolution. There was the 90 days of terror with Robespierre and Danton (who got their own taste of what they had been serving up). The main army of ignorant thugs were called The Jacobins and they are mirrored in the contemporary by Antifa. Antifa hasn’t gotten to the same level of performance of The Jacobins but its what’s on their agenda.
Anyone who does not know that Israel is a center of Satanic force, run by the preeminent Rothschild dynasty is not paying attention or doesn’t care. Here is a clear and inarguable example of this fact and I have many more but what’s the point. Evidence has been given here over and over again. Hollywood Celebrities and music industry icons are overwhelmingly, willingly manipulated, subjects of Israeli efforts to plunge the world into a hellish and demonic darkness. This is has been in the works for a long time and it is why THEY have, across the decades, taken control of every area of the entertainment world, including publishing and the media. If they don’t like what you are saying, it doesn’t get said anywhere near the main sewer lines of the information highway.
In the meantime they are hard at work creating concentration camps around the world. Some are literal and some are the result of social mind control, where one is made an inmate of The Penitentiary of the Mind. They engineered the conflict that led to this situation and are hard at work exploiting Africa for political control and venal economic gain. In fact they are in nearly every country in the world, fomenting a Satanic agenda through Chabad Houses that are centers for Mossad operatives around the planet.
Social control of the various world cultures is taking place through a tortured manipulation of the human sexual nature. On the manifest plane, Sex is the predominant force, multifariously expressed in all sorts of ways. If one studies the curriculum’s of the educational systems from Kindergarten through College, it is apparent that folding, spindling and mutilating is taking place. Much of it is dedicated to the promotion of an intentional waste of the sexual fluids which leads to a dulling of the mental faculties and a weakening of ones character across the board. The battle cry of today is, “liberty is license”, “if it feels good, do it.” “celebrate your own truth” Truth is now infinitely modifiable according to whim and taste?
I have been continent for some time. This is not just a physical discipline but must first be practiced consistently in the mind. Doing so develops certain powers of awareness and consciousness. It protects and maintains ones personal being in a variety of ways. It also liberates one from certain unpleasant states where it becomes no longer clear who is in charge of ones behavior. That can be easily seen through any of the social networking media. It becomes clear that the desire for relationships is the driving force and the sexual factor is the preeminent concern. That link exemplifies what’s happening in real time and should one join any of them on a temporarily free basis, one will soon enough, be shocked, astonished and even frightened at what it implies for the future of human relations. I don’t need to check it out but some may not be fully aware of how disturbing the trends are and to what extremes they now have traveled.
Years ago when I lived in New York City for about a year, there was a city newspaper that featured personal, classified advertisements for sexual hookups. There was a wide diversity of offers and requests. You name it, it was available. What was most startling about it was that it contained near two hundred pages of content. These days, it is far more graphic and detailed in the portrayals. I hesitate to give a certain example but I’m going to do it. When I told my friend about it, shock and surprise warred for supremacy on my friends face. There are men, possibly women as well- but predominantly men, who strip naked, blindfold themselves and leave their apartment door unlocked. Then they get on their hands and knees with their rear facing the door and wait for an anonymous stranger to appear, service them and (hopefully) leave. Some of them are even handcuffed. I won’t include any articles that illustrate this behavior. I apologize for even mentioning this but it is for the purpose of showing just how insane people are getting. When one begins to push the limits of sexual behavior it invariably turns to more and more violent forms.
Consider what is on television these days. Consider the content of commercials that are either suggestive and lascivious, or portray the average human being as pathologically stupid and an awkward clown with no social skills but… most certainly in most cases; proud to be clueless. These are not accidents. If one is not engaged with self inquiry and spiritual pursuits, one is at the mercy of the tides on an unpredictable ocean of dangerous flotsam and jetsam in motion, like timber debris in a flash flood.
None of this is happening by accident. A moment came and the Satanic agenda began in earnest. It was dovetailed with the industrial revolution and, a century later came the tidal wave of digital information and the breakdown in the social and religious infrastructures that had been present for so long. This has all proceeded incrementally (“slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch”), devil worship has been humanized; “hey, we’re regular people, just like you.” Sexual perversity has been humanized and diversified from ‘born this way’ for the gay element to ‘absolutely not born this way’ for the gender fluid.
Outrageous and offensive behavior has manifested under the banner of “celebrate your own truth.” The sophistry and deception at work in these times is without equal in previous eras. The varieties of twisted behavior we have seen before, during the decline of former great civilizations. As comfort has become the main drive of such a large body of people, moral lassitude, lack of conviction, laziness; physical and mental, moral and religious relativism, are features of the culture in these times and the general physical characteristics and the present state of the health of humanity tell the tale. People pursue economic gain and security for the purpose of insulating themselves from those with less. Fear marches boldly through both the sleeping and waking dreams of those who can’t get what they want and those who are terrified of losing what they have.
Meanwhile, the visible and invisible hand of the ineffable is extended in every location where it can be seen because it is everywhere; from the desperate prison cells to the empty and desolate lives of the rich. God turns the wheel of events and those with their eye on the ball, turn in confidence with it. Mandela came out of prison to rule the country. This example is neither supportive or an indictment of the man (I never met him). It is a simple statement of fact and has happened in other times and other places, to greater and lesser extents.
The eternal and infinite, incomprehensible and indefinable ineffable, is in us all; fully asleep, lightly sleeping, partially awake and fully awake AND… possesses limitless power; limitless! Anything is possible and occasionally a certainty, depending on your faith. If one focuses upon the indwelling deity, it is definite that he will awaken and demonstrate through you sooner or later; the speed of that depends on the intensity of your attention given. Give your faith and attention to the world and learn what a heartless lover and feckless friend it proves to be. Give it to the ineffable, or the divine mother and experience the bliss and unending joy of the inevitable union with the same. This is the guarantee of free will, you are free to do either of the things just mentioned.
God is real and if this is a certitude in your heart then… so are you. Otherwise you are a card in the hands of someone playing without a full deck. “You’re all a pack of cards!” God be with you my friends, now and for everlasting.
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