Assange & Snowden are CIA “Rat Traps” — Nov 15, 2018

The jury was out but our correspondent has rendered a verdict. Both Assange and Snowden are Deep State.
If their acceptance of 9-11 wasn’t enough, Brabantian faults them for keeping Robert Mueller’s dirty secrets. 


by Brabantian  — ( 

It is quite easy to establish that both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are CIA fakes created during the arrogant Obama years.
For one thing, Assange was admitted to be an intel fake by no less than Benjamin Netanyahu himself, and also by Zbigniew Brzezinski.
Netanyahu admitted this when responding off the cuff as to why he was not worried about ‘Wikileaks’ damaging Israel. Zbig made clear the leaks were ‘selected’ and highly limited. Some of them are done to make Assange look ‘legit’.
At least two people who contacted Assange have turned up dead – Seth Rich & Peter W Smith. Assange pretends to be ‘concerned’ about the former; he denies receiving the latter’s files. Others are jailed. Assange and Snowden are ‘rat traps’, vehicles to destroy real whistle-blowers who are duped into contacting their CIA-goon media pumpers, NY Times, UK Guardian, Rothschild’s Greenwald, etc. We don’t know how many may have been quietly killed after contacting them.
European officials understand that Assange is not really ‘living’ at the Ecuador embassy in London. The UK police ‘watch’ the place so MI5-MI6 can move him in and out for his meetings and photo opportunities.
Regarding Snowden, the report to SVR – FSB on why Snowden is a fake, is very thorough … Putin plays along on a ‘deal’ as he plays along on 9-11, Snowden is perhaps not even in Russia … Excerpts of the SVR report can be found here at Veterans Today
For example, Snowden first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s friend and biographer at the CIA’s Washington Post, ha!
Glenn Greenwald is not only a gay ex-pornographer (same previous profession as his friend Jimmy Wales of the CIA-Mossad Wikipedia), Greenwald has worked in turn for 3 billionaire families – Bill Gates, the Rothschilds, and now CIA-project-funder Pierre Omidyar.
The biggest “tell” is that both men support the 9-11 official story. Here is Assange    Here is Snowden They give credibility to the 9-11 false flag. Another “tell” is they never criticize Israel, the real perp.



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