Condi Rice and the Cover Story

To divert attention from a real story, one needs a cover story.

Sometimes, the cover story is floated as if it has just been discovered, after some hard digging. And against some powerful resistance from those entrenched in power.

You know. “Wow, we found this memo buried deep in the files and it says X,Y,Z. We confronted an administration official with it, and he admitted Q,R,S. He didn’t look happy. We scored big.”

Then this unhappy administration team that has a new arrow in its side defends itself, and the debate goes round and round.

It’s a thing of beauty.

Well, think about Condi. After much resistance, the White House finally lets her trudge up to the 9/11 hearing and testify in public. That resistance created the “firestorm story of the week.” All the major TV networks are breaking into regular programing to deliver her words.

A very nice set-up, to drag in everyone. The stage is set.

Condi then takes her seat and, as I predicted, mostly gives out with oatmeal mush. Except, we learn—heavens to Betsy—that there was a memo presented to the president at one of his daily briefings…and the memo was titled: OSAMA BIN LADEN PLANS ATTACKS INSIDE THE US. Or some such.

Wow o wow. Looks like the administration really did have warnings prior to 9/11. Or some such.

This memo becomes the headline story generated by Condi’s testimony.

It becomes the COVER STORY.

Why bother?

Because, if any sane person looks at 9/11, he soon realizes that, among other things, it was a crime scene that was never tackled by pros attempting to find out what really happened.

Therefore, there is no real evidence that bin Laden was behind it.

Whereas, there is much evidence that administration officials, at the very least, let 9/11 happen.

And the propaganda op is? “We have to keep cementing the idea of bin Laden as the criminal mastermind behind the whole event.”


THAT was the subliminal outcome of Condi’s appearance before the commission.

“Ooooo. Memo. Bin Laden plans attacks inside the US…and the White House never really acted on it…blah blah…”

It LOOKS like the commission scored a coup.

But what really happened, like a piece of sleight of hand, was: the public now believes, more firmly than ever, that bin Laden was the mastermind of 9/11.

This outcome was achieved indirectly, by making, at first, the story all about White House resistance to Condi testifying. With everyone’s attention focused on THAT, they slipped in the closer. The memo. The title of the memo. The message.

It’s a fairly standard intell propaganda op. And it works.

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