Addressing Questions about Holocaust & Race — Nov 8, 2018

Nazi holocaust victims

Nazi Holocaust victims. Click to enlarge

From Fabian F
I have a few questions:
You say that your mother survived the war due to having blond hair and blue eyes. I have read quite a few, shall we say unconventional, accounts of what went on during WWII, and I would have worded the same fact as: “She survived in spite of having blond hair and blue eyes”. I thought you were one of the few who did not buy the generally accepted account of WWII and the so-called Holocaust.
Are you of the opinion that there was a deliberate policy in Germany during WWII to exterminate all Jews within the German-controlled territory?
I really hold you for being one of the worlds most honest Jews, so the answer to this question is quite important to me. It is in fact extremely important for your credibility in general too.
The second issue is your focus on race. To the “enlightened,” it should not matter whether you are a jew or a gentile. What is important are your actions, honesty, and above all whether you accept Jesus as your saviour and king.
The satanic agenda is to make us all soulless meat-robots. The direct opposite to that is to acknowledge that we have a soul, God created us, and Jesus is God in the shape of the human who sacrificed himself for us. Jesus was himself racially a Jew.
I have listened to a rabbi debating Gilad Atzmon about Jewish identity. According to the rabbi, everyone who shares the bloodline with the people who were with Moses on Mount Sinai is Jews no matter what religion they have or what they think themselves about the matter. According to the same rabbi, the only way for a Jew to stop being a Jew is to become a Christian. So Jews can confess to any other religion of their liking, but will still be jews in the eyes of Jewish religious leaders as long as they stay away from Christ. That would in my view be the definition of being Anti-Christian. I believe Jesus said the Jews are the masters of the lie, and Satan is their father or something along that line.
One other thing, which in my opinion you miss, is that we are as you say, created as an image of God. But the ability to ourselves to decide what is right and wrong, good from evil, is actually part of our inherited sin from Adam and Eve. They ate the fruit of knowledge because they wanted to be able to determine right from wrong instead of just trusting God on the matter.
This is as far as I have understood also at the heart of Freemasonry; the faith in man’s ability to by himself distinguish right from wrong and good from evil. This is, in fact, a rebellion against God. What makes us the image of God is our free will. Adam and Eve used that free will to rebel against God. We still have the free will, but judging from the upheavals in the past and the present time, our ability to distinguish good from evil still need some perfection to make a slight understatement.
In short: Whether you are racially a Jew like Jesus or gentile like most Christians today, is unimportant. What is important is acceptance of Christ, and commitment to truth.
Gentiles cursing you for being Jewish are no better than the satanic jews pushing the Anti-Christian agenda. Both “philosophies” consider humans to be soulless meat robots. You can´t find moral or ethical guidance in the purity of one’s race. God needs to be in the picture for there to be good and evil. God is the ultimate benchmark for whether something is good or evil. The race gives no guidance in this eternal problem. Race does not define your soul, it only partly defines the body your soul possesses during its comparatively short time on earth.
Henry Makow’s reply to Fabian:


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