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Reflections in a Petri Dish — Nov 6, 2018

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Today the mass of the American public, fulfills the vested interests of the particular forces of appearance, that control their perspective of what they think is happening, related to what they have been promised by those who have no intention of fulfilling those promises. On one side are the many, many shell organizations financed by Satanist George Soros and other interests that represent Liberty as License; where everyone, no matter how crazy or dysfunctional they are, are free to express their passions and appetites as normal behavior; because? Because we say so. On the other side you have the Fear Factor and various efforts to stem the tides of madness massing at the borders and shores.
In a time of material darkness, the minority of the Haves represent the burning desires of the Have Nots. What the Haves have is the illusion that they possess all that is worth fighting for, working for and dying for. The irony is that the giver of all things is pleased to confer anything and everything upon anyone as the result of faith and prayer, for the purpose of demonstration and sundry and… you can also get a large amount of manifest toys and trinkets from the shadow face of the ineffable at a particular cost that does not seem to be that great initially but proves to be seriously painful later on.
As evidence of the kind of recreations and persona some of them favor, let us go to that Satanic Portal, TMZ and see a few examples of the directions people think they want to go in and the sort of events and behavior celebrated by those who tune in to them and probably describe it as, good clean fun. We have a few others, some of them with consequences. Some of them represent the state of the culture (a picture is worth a lot of words) at a level that attracts millions of sub-creation residents and influences the minds of youth, while attempting to make these tragic, cartoon icons appear heroic.
It is fascinating to watch how the human mind processes certain experiences. For some, things like roller coasters, unprotected sex, war and driving real fast with your eyes closed is exciting. Then for others it is truly frightening. For some, certain behaviors seem to be perfectly okay and for others it looks insane. The human mind is incredibly facile. It can justify anything that it wants to do, even if it doesn’t really want to do it, or later regrets it for the rest of the cycle of that life. Logic can be a useful tool, or an engine of destruction, depending on whether one employs Reason, or chooses to avoid it altogether because it gets in the way.
I justified all kinds of behavior because I was impatient to reach a particular objective. Basically I was storming the gates of Heaven. I had convinced myself that God would be impressed by my zeal and fearless enthusiasm before the possibility of death and personal destruction. The net result was continuing, momentary glimpses; snapshots of wonderland and then a continuing and incremental slide back to my starting point, accompanied by a temporary bout of depression and an enduring sense of loss that provoked yet another determined assault on some briefly shining kingdom of the mind.
The time came when every impetus of the kind simply faded away. No particular reason has since been discovered. It simply happened and I could not be more grateful. I already knew that, within a given period of time this was going to happen. I had been told in a convincing fashion that this was the case. Out of the blue, I preempted the time frame, only to be told shortly thereafter that that was one of the best decisions I could have made because the coming transition was not going to be as easy and seamless as I might have imagined…
Ordinary life, according to the back and forth of humanity in its pursuits, its struggles and strife, continues apace. Nothing overly dramatic seems to be taking place. For some, it couldn’t be better, everything is coming up roses. For others, the suffering is a continuous cycle of same old same old. In all cases it is a projection of the mind in accord with karmic imperatives. Karma is like a parking meter, a pinball machine, or anything that needs to be fed quarters on a regular basis. Depending on the paucity of parking spaces, on that depends the frequency with which quarters need to be added. Depending on the skill of the player, on that depends the frequency of quarters being fed into the pinball machine. The irony of the whole process is that the people for whom everything is coming up roses and those for whom suffering is a regular affair, is that they routinely change places with each other. In some cases, karma is on a pay as you go basis. For the majority, it is a pay later construct but… pay you will in any case. Some rare souls, who have understood the essence of Karma are recipients of Grace and serendipity. As ever, this is possible for anyone who comprehends that service is the highest calling that anyone can aspire to.
Behind the island of our personal being, seemingly separate from every other being, lies a reservoir of immeasurable Love and perpetuating wonder, where one exists in a state of endless delight at the recognition of the divine in each set of eyes one encounters. Despite the opposing mindset of the self obsessed and fearful, the divine is to be found in every creature, no matter how far they may have departed from righteous behavior because, there would be no life in that creature otherwise. As one Loves the author of their existence more and more, more and more is revealed and one comes to view life through the eyes of their creator and begins to understand the profundity and power of Love in its capacity to effect positive change in every instance where the opportunity presents itself and it presents itself in a never ending fashion. This is because the hearts of those in which divinity has been awakened do not see anything else.
The sorrow that the ineffable must experience at the wayward and indifferent behavior of its offspring brings tears to my eyes. Yet beneath the sorrow is an ocean of joy at the certitude that every soul will, one day, find its way home to its true and eternal residence. Like the Prodigal Son, who awakens one day in a pig sty and remembers what it was like in his fathers home, the magnetism of that vision exerts an irresistible force that sets his/her feet on the homeward course. This is not necessarily something that occurs overnight or even in a particular life but what is sure is that the course of their return becomes more and more certain and less fraught with difficulty because all difficulty in life arises from one swimming against the tide of their own best interest. Every problem in life comes from ones opposition to the will of the indwelling deity, whose will and intention is concerned only with the opportunity to bestow liberation and self realization upon every soul who has put themselves in the way of it.
When one has become self convinced of the destiny that awaits one whose sole focus is the ineffable, their eyes are opened to the true state of the world and everywhere they look is irrefutable evidence of what occurs when ones focus is placed on something else. One is surrounded by a never ending theater of events devoted to the purpose of demonstration. The world is truly a madhouse, where the irrational is made to appear rational, where fleeting enjoyment is a mask laid over a well of pending despair. George Orwell said that a vision of the future was to “imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.” The degree of suffering taking place this moment in certain parts of the world that we seldom hear about is beyond the visualizing powers of most people… yet every one of the people experiencing it got there from somewhere else.
It does not have to be like this. At any given moment one can change the road they are on. One can turn their attention to the spiritual sun that is shining within them- let it shine through them- and observe how it begins to illuminate every feature of their life, both within and without. The mind is a magic movie projector and will screen and bring into being whatever is being thrown upon the blank backdrop of life, the same way that images appear on a movie screen. Is it a drama… a comedy… a romance, a horror film, or the face of the ineffable peering out of whatever appears in every direction one turns?
Truly… we would be astounded and astonished at what is concealed behind the ordinary appearances of life. “Seek and ye shall find.” “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Each one of these statements are true. It is the task of the inquiring soul to prove them out. We have the statements of those great souls who preceded us and who have spoken with unshakable conviction concerning these statements, or a variation thereof.
We both create and define our world with every word we speak and every act we commit. Examples abound on all sides as to the value and meaning of every road taken. Once ones eyes have been opened, it is to be expected that one looks upon the evidence of manifest life with awe at the extent to which people will go to amplify their distress.
Today they go to the polls. Some to vote for things that will not happen and some to vote against what they are opposed to happening. On both coasts, so called liberal perspectives, in search of the communism concealed beneath, are in a literal war with the heartland between, that seeks to preserve traditional values in search of the fascism that is concealed beneath. Neither are aware of the peril of listening to and supporting the lying sociopaths that have trampled their way to the head of the pack, with the ruthless insistence that they should be empowered to ignore every promise they made in order to feather their own nests.
In ‘interesting times’ it serves the awakened soul to fix their hearts and minds upon the infinitude of light that is hidden within and which will make them equal to every challenge that may arise, knowing that nothing but the ineffable is real and that everything else is temporary and an illusion…
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