Can a Jew Identify With “Whites”? — Nov 6, 2018

Am I like Rachel Dolezal?
She is a white lady who identifies as Black.
I am a Jew who identifies with people of European ancestry, i.e. “Whites.”
Am I an imposter?

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Rachel DolezalSome people think Jews are not White. They are a different race.
So say Jews.  So say some Whites.
To begin, unlike “black” Rachel, I am white.
I am a Khazar. Khazars are Causcasians.
am of European ancestry. My family lived in Poland for centuries.  My parents emigrated to Canada after the war. I was a baby.
It’s natural that, despite being a Jew, I would identify with the European majority who established this country. I am an assimilated Jew.
Most Jews are.
Jewish central bankers and their Mason accomplices are dispossessing European Christian founding nations. I try to alert them to the danger. For my troubles, I am marginalized by most Jews and Gentiles alike, (except my loyal readers.) I was kicked out of the university for challenging feminism.



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