Can a Jew Identify With “Whites”? – June 13, 2019

Am I like Rachel Dolezal?
She is a white lady who identifies as Black.
I am a Jew who identifies with people of European ancestry, i.e. “Whites.”
I am an assimilated Jew. Am I an imposter?
Not only am I not antisemitic, but I represent the best kind of Jew: objective, fair and concerned with the welfare of humanity, not just Jews.  I warn ordinary Jews that the Jewish enterprise is not what they think. They have been duped and led astray.
(Updated from December 2018)

by Henry Makow PhD.

Some people think Jews are not White. They are a different race.
So say Jews.  So say some Whites.
To begin, unlike “black” Rachel, I am white.
I am a Khazar. Khazars are Causcasians.

My mother, with my brother in 1958. Click to enlarge

am of European ancestry. My family lived in Poland for centuries.  My mother survived the war because she had blond hair and blue eyes. My parents emigrated to Canada after the war. I was a baby.
It’s natural that, despite being a Jew, I would identify with the European majority who established this country. I am an assimilated Jew. Most Jews are. Organized Jewry hates us because we’re harder to manipulate and hit up for money.
Jewish central bankers and their Mason accomplices are dispossessing European Christian founding nations. I try to alert them to the danger. For my troubles, I am marginalized by most Jews and Gentiles alike, (except my loyal readers.) Other white defenders spurn me or question my sincerity. I was kicked out of the university for challenging feminism.



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