Israeli Comes Out as a Goy & Moves to Russia — Nov 5, 2018

moving to russia_logoIsraelis are also targets of Illuminati social disintegration.
Cabalist Judaism (Illuminism) is a satanic cult which controls & exploits its unwitting members by corrupting and making them sick.
We have all been inducted into this cult to a degree under the guise of  “secularism,” “humanism” and “modernism.”
This is one of the reasons Michael Berg is moving his young family to Russia. He describes the reaction of his family, friends and employer.

By Michael Berg — (

I am 33. My wife is six years younger than I am. I have three beautiful girls under the age of three.
Early this year I had discovered via a research I made into my DNA and subsequent confession of both my parents and grandparent, that my family on both the maternal and paternal sides were actually ethnic Germans who converted to Judaism following WW2. Each side with their own motives for the decision. My wife’s parents who are both of ethnic Russian heritage are a similar case.  They wanted to adopt a Jewish identity. Israel needed doctors and they were doctors so it was a good deal.
Not long ago my wife had suggested that we should move to Russia. I figured that it is much better for my girls to adapt to a new environment rather quickly than to go through such a life changing event – moving to another country – later date in life. We were given a positive response from Russian authorities who accepted our request to emigrate to Russia.



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