Adam Clayton Powell Jr. — Non-Communists are Forgotten — Nov 4, 2018

As Chair of the House Education and Labor Committee, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., (1908-1972) US Rep from Harlem (1945-1971) single-handedly legislated the civil rights US Blacks enjoy today. 
For example, he made lynching a federal crime, raised the minimum wage, desegregated public schools, challenged the Southern practice of charging Blacks a poll tax to vote and stopped racist Congressmen from saying the word “nigger” in sessions of Congress. Although of mixed race, 6ft 4 and strikingly handsome, he could pass as white yet chose to identify as Black.  
Powell was the real saviour of US Blacks. Yet we hardly hear about him today. Why? Powell should enjoy the acclaim we heap on Martin Luther King. (King had a dark side too.) Here is an excellent article about a remarkable man who might serve as an example to us of dedication, courage and perseverance.   
I present this as a break from our political frenzy today, a reminder of the flow of time, and a homage to a politician inspired by Christ’s teachings. 
I highly recommend the embedded documentary above as well as an exceptionally well-made and entertaining biopic, Keep the Faith Baby, which is available on YouTube. 
from March 22, 2011

by Tony Chapelle

adam-clayton-powell-jrAs the first African-American congressman from the northeast, and for decades the only militant African American on the Hill, Adam Clayton Powell had the guts to push through laws that forced America to stop locking African Americans out of industries and institutions.
He didn’t behave like most African-American politicians. “I’m the first bad Negro they’ve had in Congress,” he bragged. He made more enemies on Capitol Hill than perhaps any legislator before or since.
He didn’t behave like a typical African-American minister. “I believe only in the teaching of Jesus,” he said, “I am not a full-Bible Christian.”
And he felt this distinction gave him wide moral latitude. He openly drank alcohol, smoked, and had adulterous affairs. When he strode up the aisle of his packed church to preach, women parishioners later admitted to being distracted from thoughts of God by enrapture with the tall playboy- minister.



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