Why We Need to Re-examine What We’ve Been Told About the Holocaust

Rixon Stewart — Oct 29, 2018

Nuclear blast
According to a compilation of accounts by Hitler’s household staff, at the height of WWII they were unaware of the atrocities being carried out in the Fuhrer’s name. Although this might be seen as supporting revisionist claims it doesn’t mean that that there wasn’t a widespread slaughter of Jews carried out on Hitler’s command.
It just may not have happened the way Hollywood and more conventional historians would have us believe.
The Einsatzgruppen were specifically tasked with eliminating all those who didn’t fit in with Nazi ideals. The paramilitary death squads targeted leftwing intellectuals, homosexuals, partizans, Jews and many of Poland’s cultural elite. In all it has been estimated that they killed more than two million between 1941 and 1945, including 1.3 million jews.
That much is historical fact, which many revisionists including David Irving openly acknowledge.
What’s in dispute here is not that the Nazis deliberately killed millions of innocents, including many Jews. What’s at issue here is historical accuracy of Hollywood’s portrayal of the Holocaust, which is promoted by the so-called Holocaust Industry and indirectly serves them.
More than extracting financial reparations, it has also generated an inordinate amount political influence too. So this isn’t just about historical accuracy or even money. It’s about political power and influence and in this regard it has yielded immense returns for the Zionist state.
Israeli Dolphin submarine, capable of firing nuclear armed cruise missiles, one of a number a number of which have been virtually given to Israel by Germany. Click to enlarge

An Israeli Dolphin submarine, capable of firing nuclear-armed cruise missiles. Click to enlarge

For example Germany “gifted” Israel with at least three Dolphin class submarines built to exact Israeli specification. It’s highly unlikely that Germany would have “donated” the submarines were it not for the sense of national guilt over the Holocaust, which Zionists have cultivated and exploited.
Given that Israel is thought to possess at least 80 nuclear warheads, these submarines probably now have the ability to launch nuclear armed cruise missiles.
With a fleet of up to six Dolphin submarines, at least three of which are capable of firing nuclear armed missiles, Israel would be able to launch nuclear strikes on all the Middle East’s capitals.
Meaning that what was supposed to be reparations for one Holocaust could easily go on to produce another, even bigger Holocaust.
This is why we need to look again at the Holocaust. Not because it didn’t happen but because it may not have taken place exactly as Hollywood and the Holocaust Industry would have us believe.
More to the point, this version of events has given men like Netanyahu an inordinate amount of power and influence. They have a vested interest in perpetuating the primacy of Jewish suffering and given that the conventional Holocaust narrative could, indirectly lead to another even more devastating slaughter we need to establish precisely what happened.
All the more so as a growing number of individuals, including historians like Irving have been prosecuted and imprisoned for questioning the official version of events.
Take for example claims that “six million” Jews died during the Holocaust. In itself this might seem indisputable were it not for the fact that claims about “six million” Jewish victims were being made repeatedly in the run-up to World War II.
See here and here.
In effect the figure of “six million” was being established as a symbol of Jewish suffering even before WWII began. Yet to question that figure now is a criminal offence, which in some countries is punishable with prison sentences.
This despite the fact that the number of deaths at Auschwitz has varied between an estimated one and a half million and over four million. That’s a difference of over two-and-a-half million, or almost half of the iconic total of six million.
Plaques commemorating Auschwitz deaths: before and after the total number of deaths were amended. Click to enlarge

Plaques commemorating Auschwitz deaths: before and after the total number of deaths were amended. Click to enlarge

Yet even though the signs at Auschwitz have been changed to reflect this revised total the figure of six million is repeated without question and you can still go prison for disputing it.
Meaning that the figure of “six million” has been elevated into a symbol of Jewish suffering, regardless of its historical accuracy. The conventional Shoah narrative has become an article of faith and to question the details — who gave the order, whether gas chambers were used and the iconic figure of six million — amounts to heresy.
Hence prison sentences are routinely handed out to anyone who dares challenge the conventional narrative.
Nonetheless it would be a mistake to blame ordinary Jews for this as the conventional Holocaust narrative has been used against them too. With the spectre of “anti-Semitism” often being summoned to keep dissident members of the tribe in line.
This latter point cannot be overemphasised. Ordinary Jews are not the problem, they are as much victims of this deception as the rest of humanity and charges of “anti-Semitism” are routinely used to defend it.
In conclusion we need to look seriously at what happened during Hitler’s “final solution”. Because the conventional narrative has given men like Netanyahu an inordinate amount of political power and leverage and unless we are careful this could lead another, even more devastating Holocaust.