Dutch Cancer Specialist Exposes Cancer Treatment Fraud

henrymakow.com — Oct 30, 2018


“Cancer is massively over-diagnosed. We are seeing more and more that many lumps would never lead to cancer, and don’t need treatment at all.”
“According to our recent research, 41% of women currently getting chemo don’t need it”

by Anthony Migchels — (henrymakow.com)

I came across a stunning post in Die Welt, a leading German opinion magazine.
It is an interview with a Dutch breast cancer specialist who validates everything the natural health scene has been saying about cancer treatments. It’s really shocking:
I summarize his main points. I think it’s pretty mind-blowing. Hundreds of thousands of women have suffered horrendously dangerous, painful and invasive procedures, that have made Big Pharma trillions. And this guy just says they were all wrong.
Look what he says about amputations, for instance, a procedure STILL inflicted on a third of women diagnosed with breast cancer.


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