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Gilad Atzmon — Oct 29, 2018

Learn to shoot Israeli style

Last Saturday we heard the disturbing news of a gun attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that left eleven people dead. Today I was surprised to find out that some in Pennsylvania had seen it coming.  The following 2017 Israeli TV video tells the story of Cherev Gideon, an IDF like Jewish militia operating in Pennsylvania that trains American Jews to “shoot the Israeli Style.”
“The Second Amendment provides us with the right to bear arms.” Cherev Gidon’s site says,  “however it does not provide us with the knowledge of how to safely and professionally respond to a threat.” According to Israeli TV, Cherev Gideon’s goal is for “every synagogue to have an armed Jew ready to defend it.”
“We specialise in Israeli tactical shooting techniques, developed over the course of several decades of counter-terrorism warfare, and uniquely designed to address the threats we face today. All of our firearms instructors are highly qualified veterans of Israel Defense Force combat units. Many have served in Special Forces units and all have hands-on experience fighting terror.”
Youtube: “ In north-east Honesdale, Pennsylvania, there are Jews training with firearms in the Israeli Tactical Training Academy. Their goals is for every synagogue to have an armed Jew ready to defend it. The founder of Cherev Gideon, the tactical training academy, is Yonatan Stern. Yonatan was raised in the settlement of Kiryat Arbah and Served in Israeli Defence Forces in the Netzah Yehuda Battalion, an infantry, counter-terrorism battalion specifically created for religious men. He has since been living in the United States for over a decade where he has built his firearms training academy. He and other highly qualified veterans of Israel Defense Force combat units train responsible citizens and law enforcement to defend themselves and those around them using Israeli warfare tactics . Every Jew, especially Jews who live abroad, need to own a weapon, know how to use it and be ready to defend himself.”