Bro Nathaniel – Judaism has Consequences — Oct 29, 2018

Photo Copyright   2007

Photo Copyright 2007

Brother Nathaniel is a Jew who converted to the Russian Orthodox Christian Church. In a short note on his website, he writes that while political violence cannot be condoned, Jewish support for subversive or satanic causes is bound to create antisemitism. Jews can put their heads in the sand, but should not expect their target to do the same.
Jews must face the fact they have been sold a bill of goods.
Organized Jewry is not on the side of the angels.

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by Nathaniel Kapner — ( 

I LIVED IN SQUIRREL HILL where the synagogue killings took place for many years which is a heavily populated Jewish area of Pittsburgh.
I had attended Yom Kippur Services and Sabbath Services at the Tree of Life synagogue on a few occasions but did not care for it.
It is VERY secular, very liberal, and VERY wealthy. Like Judaism in all its aspects, totally BANKRUPT spiritually.


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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism