18-year-old attacked: Mass rape in Freiburg: Even up to 15 perpetrators?

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She suffered horribly, was repeatedly raped – and could not defend herself.

At least eight men in Freiburg are said to have attacked an 18-year-old girl, but there could be more. A case that draws more and more circles.

Mass rape in Freiburg: Police are looking for more culprits

The martyrdom of the young woman began on the night of October 14th. The 18-year-old visited a discotheque in Freiburg with a friend, where she met Majid H., who first sold her ecstasy pills and then donated a drink. After leaving the bar around midnight with the Syrian, he pulled her into a nearby bush and fell upon her.

She felt paralyzed and could not call for help, the 18-year-old later said to the police. Whether in the drink that Majid H. donated to the woman in the disco, were K.-o.-drops, is currently being tested.

The 21-year-old Syrian was repeatedly criminalized (sometimes it was about drug offenses, sometimes to fights) and was even sought by arrest warrant, according to “Bild”.

18-year-olds ordeal could have lasted four hours

The police neither confirm nor deny reports that H. left the girl helpless in the bushes and went back to the club. When the crime had spread among men who were apparently well-known to each other, one after the other they were to leave the bar and commit offence against the defenceless and stunned woman. For four hours they are said to have tormented the 18-year-old.

According to the current state of the investigation fell next to Majid H. six other Syrians aged 19 to 29 years and a 25-year-old German about the girl. All are now in custody.

The Freiburg police do not want to exclude that it could have been up to 15 men who abused the young woman again and again. These could possibly be detected through body traces found on the scene and on the victim. The search for them is in full swing.

Father of suspect expresses himself

The father of Majd H. has meanwhile commented on the act. He lamented to “Bild” that his son was always aggressive and had problems with the police. To add, “If my son raped the woman, I’ll make sure he does not stay in Germany.”

And Baden-Württemberg’s Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) said: “If the allegations even begin to be confirmed, we are dealing with a vile act that leaves nobody cold.”


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    18-year-old attacked: Mass rape in Freiburg: Even up to 15 perpetrators?