Police in three countries scramble to solve The Crime Of The Century

Irish Savant — Oct 24, 2018

Someone close to me in Britain had his prize alloys and tires worth about €1500 stolen from his garden. Shortly afterwards they came up for sale on eBay from a guy in a ghetto a few miles away. The local police waved this clinching information away with a ‘nothing we can do gov’ type of response. Little wonder that fewer than  5% of reported crimes in Britain result in a conviction, which infers a conviction rate of about 2% for all crimes. Helluva job there guys. Maybe the fuzz are just too busy hunting down serious criminals, like the (cough) ‘Asian’ child-rapist gangs throughout the country? Er, no. The British police looked the other way for decades as the gangs  rampaged throughout the country, destroying the lives of thousands of vulnerable White children. In fact in one case (maybe there were many more) the police arrested a White  father trying to rescue his daughter from the rapists!
In Ireland it’s pretty much the same. I’m telling the truth when I say I haven’t seen a cop on the street in over two years in the town (population 15,000) where I live. In Balbriggan (the Irish town which boats the highest proportion of African enrichers) black gangs terrorise the locals daily while police cower in their stations as the media fixedly turn their gaze the other way. If someone does get on a local radio talk show he or she is immediately cut off if the race of the gangs is mentioned.
ryanair incident publicitySo is there anything capable of rousing the guardians of the peace from their torpor? Well yes. In a low-cost holiday flight from Spain to England on Irish airline Ryanair an elderly man shouted insults at a woman. Cue international outrage. Brexit and the Khasoggi murder were pushed off the front pages. Not just in Britain, Spain and Ireland. CNN, ABC News, The Washington Post and media as far away as India, Australia and New Zealand solemnly reported the tragedy. Even Theresa May took time off from her gruelling Brexit negotiations to weigh in. The police of three countries (Britain, Ireland and Spain) – and probably Interpol – exited their slumber, stormed into action, sirens blazing, lights flashing. The world breathed a sigh of relief as the master criminal was quickly tracked down to his lair.
(If you’re of a sensitive disposition I urge you to skip the rest of the post which provides the details of the crime.)
Ok, you ready? In a crowded, cheap, booze-fuelled flight operated by an Irish budget airline a man in his seventies insulted a black woman.  “Don’t talk to me in a foreign language, you stupid ugly cow.” He didn’t want to sit beside her and she was given another seat. And…..well, that’s about it. That’s what’s been dominating the airwaves and prompting an international man-hunt. And of course there will soon be another winner of the ghetto jackpot. The ‘victim’ claims to have been traumatised by the ‘attack’ (that’s what it’s being called) and – crucially – has been at pains to point out the failings of Ryanair.  Gayle’s eldest daughter said Ryanair staff acted as if the man was the victim. ”On the plane it was unprofessional, and after it was unprofessional. It’s all wrong, I just believe they need more training”. Apparently the woman’s life has been ruined, she can’t sleep…..you know the ghetto lottery drill. Even though that company are notorious tight-wads we can, given the gravity of the crime, expect to see a handsome cheque lodging in the victim’s bank account in due course.
In the farrago of nonsense deployed to boost the lottery payout the victim did ask one interesting if rhetorical question: ‘Can you imagine the reaction if the races had been reversed?’ Indeed we can Gayle. The police and media would react in the way they did to the ‘Asian’ grooming gangs. They’d look the other way.