Roy Cohn Puts Trump in Old “Anti-Communist” Jewish Tradition — Oct 22, 2018

“You knew when you were in Cohn’s presence you were in the presence of pure evil,” said lawyer Victor A. Kovner, who had known him for years
Roy Cohn, Trump's mentor.

Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor.

Sorry for the ineptitude of my recent Who Was Roy Cohn? article. I could have learned more by simply reading the Wikipedia entry on Trump’s mentor.  
Roy Cohn was not any gangster pervert and Satanist. Cohn was the central figure in both iconic anti-Communist show trials of the “Red Scare”: he was the Prosecutor who sent the Jewish Rosenbergs to the electric chair, and he was Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel, credited with purging many Communists from the US government. 
Cohn was part of two conservative lobby groups, the Western Goals Foundation and the Council for National Policy, which bills itself as a Conservative counterpart of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The key is that Trump’s roots in anti Communism go deep and are entwined with Roy Cohn in a Masonic House League, led by Communist Jews on one side (Soros) and Zionist Jews (Adelson) on the other. Both are Satanic. Both want one-world-government, one by erasing borders & social engineering, the other by nuclear war.  Thus they control the manufactured “Left-Right” discourse.
 (I’m afraid Trump’s nationalism may be a ploy to enlist Americans in a disastrous self-destructive war, as WW2 was for Germany.) 
Cohn was Jeffrey Epstein’s predecessor, blackmailing politicians with child prostitutes for the Mossad-CIA.  Undoubtedly, Trump was caught in this trap
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A recent “tell” that US conservatism is largely Zionist-sponsored was Nikki Haley’s recent speech at the Council for National Policy.
Below, I present an entertaining and revealing excerpt from Max Blumenthal’s account. 

Nicki Haley at Council for National Policy 

by Max Blumenthal — (excerpt by 

I arrived at the conference after a panel on “the Deep State,” featuring James O’Keefe, the co-creator of the infamous ACORN video, and Tim Fitton, Judicial Watch president, had concluded. As I settled into a seat near the back of the Westin’s Grand Ballroom, a who’s who of the evangelical far right filed into the spacious auditorium.
To my right sat Carol Swain, the African-American Vanderbilt University political science professor who blamed a “devil’s brew” of identity politics and multiculturalism for the mainstreaming of white nationalism. Ginni Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, was greeting old friends a few rows away.

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