Who was Roy Cohn?

henrymakow.com — Oct 20, 2018

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump. Click to enlarge

“Roy Cohn (1927-1986) fought the Reds.  Beyond that, and because of that, it’s difficult to know who Roy M. Cohn was.”
(Disclaimer- I am not an expert on Cohn, the gangster lawyer who was Donald Trump’s mentor. I am posting this highly personal article by a reader, Joseph, as an introduction to this important figure in US history.)

by Joseph — (henrymakow.com)

Two biographies of Cohn have been published“Citizen Cohn” by Nicholas Hoffman, and “The Autobiography [sic] of Roy Cohn” by Sidney Zion.
Hoffman’s “Citizen Cohn” is by far the most often seen on library shelves.  Zion’s “Autobiography of Roy Cohn” is less often seen.  Cohn’s legal self-help books are less seen still.  His “McCarthy” (1968) is available from used book dealers, but is the rarest in libraries:  interlibrary loan typically will get it on short-term loan from a distant rural public library.
(A more comprehensive view?) 
Roy Marcus Cohn was Senator Joseph McCarthy's chief counsel during the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954

Roy Marcus Cohn was Senator Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel during the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954

“Citizen Cohn” is a straightforward hatchet job.  It will tell you that to relieve perianal itching related to homosexual activities, Cohn pulled down his underpants while riding in a fancy car full of corporate lawyers, and put his butt to the air conditioner vent.  It will tell you worse than that.
“The Autobiography of Roy Cohn” is baffling.  For an autobiography to be authored by someone else, is a contradiction in terms, so much so that the book often is erroneously listed as co-authored by Cohn and Zion.  Furthermore, the most edifying passages in the book – it is easy to find them – are copied without attribution and with only minor changes in wording, from Cohn’s real autobiography “McCarthy”.  So, it is easy to prove that Cohn wrote enough of Zion’s book, that Cohn should have been listed as co-author.  Zion explains that Cohn originally wrote the book, but it was boring, so Cohn brought in Zion to redo it and jazz it up with oral history.


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