The Search for God and the Imaginary Worlds Between

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 18, 2018

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I wonder when God will finally get pissed off? I thought it would happen some while ago. There are many reasons for that. It’s not just the possessed and insane. It’s the big guns like the governments and media. It’s the rogue religions; the ones who sell out their principles to give the impression of tolerance for all kinds of things; things I don’t tolerate, in silence that is. Nor am I aggressive to hinder these fools. They are on the road to the destination that their life has shaped for its specific revelations.
The madness is there to be seen. If you can stand in the light of objective awareness, you can see with clarity; see in all it’s frightening implications. I have links upon links but let these serve for the moment. There may be more but this is not what I came here for.
First my apologies for being so absent in the last couple of months. I have really been going through it. I’ll spare you the details, gruesome as they would prove to be. It is all merely changes and that is one of the basic truths of life. We change or we die. Sometimes we change and then die but there is a road of specific change where you do not die in the conventional sense; according to the Bible; “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.”
I am grateful now for all that has happened to me, crazy as that might sound but what it has done is to strip away so many of my foolish attachments which… I was unaware of. Never before, except perhaps when I was much younger and consumed with desire for the ineffable have I felt like this, which put me in many a perilous circumstance. The divine is the most important thing in life and is now the centerpiece of mine. I am so grateful!!! It is a bit vertigo enhanced. One must remember to breathe deeply and with an easy flow- remembering that the ineffable is the breath of life. Breathe God in and breathe God out. I was going to include many excerpts from Paramhansa ( apparently that is the correct spelling) Yogananda’s “The Essence of Self Realization.” I recommend that everyone who reads this posting buy a copy. You won’t be disappointed, you will be delighted! Or you can go to Ebay where it will be much cheaper; scroll down from there. I am sorry I have proven incapable of giving you excerpts. My hands are shaking too much from the after shock of recent events. However… I WILL finish this posting (grin). Don’t be alarmed from what I just said, I often tremble from spiritual occurrences. I am finding that all experiences are spiritual; it’s a matter of your perspective. God is real or (in your mind) not real. That determines your perspective on ALL accounts.
I must caution you all that the pursuit of the divine with any measure of sincerity; it is possible that all other concerns will be stripped from your being. You will to a certain degree, be rendered naked and bathed in the light. I know that sounds beautiful in a way but… the getting there can be a tad overwhelming at times and you must be aware of that. One of the greatest dangers in the search for God is discouragement, sometimes followed by despair. We must however, understand that God is a master of discernment and discrimination. He does not tolerate dilettantes or dabblers. Only the true at heart need apply because otherwise you are worse off than never having looked at all. The good news though is that if I can find the divine and be in the place I now find myself, you should be able to do it with few problems. I have had handicaps of all sorts in my quest but… God has overcome them at each turn. You must rely on the divine for EVERYTHING; not just for the things and conditions you THINK you want but for the solution to every problem or difficulty you may encounter. Quite simply you surrender it all and eject it from your heart and mind. Once you have left it in the hands of the ineffable, it is out of YOUR HANDS! There is no halfway about this. You must be determined and faith infused. There is no alternative except for total love and trust… heh heh. Yes, that is a little confusing, which is why you ask God for his qualities above anything else. Acquire the qualities of God and you are covered forever on all accounts.
You are covered on ALL ACCOUNTS! Understand that God is eager and completely desirous of granting you this but YOU MUST be willing to surrender everything to him. The greatest commandment states it clearly and simply; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” This does imply that you should love yourself (grin). The simplest way to accomplish this is to recognize with complete acceptance that the lord is indwelling. Our objective is to close the distance in our minds and hearts between God and our (imagined) self. God is our real self and any master will tell you so.
“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
Keep this in mind! The lake of suffering and the constant informing provided to us by our pain should let us know that there are other planes of existence, which we can hardly imagine until we find ourselves there and WE WILL find ourselves there if we persist. This is achieved by flooding our hearts with the love for and of the ineffable. Persistence is then automatic because you have realized that there is nothing in this world or anywhere else that is real; God alone is real and when you have come to this place there is no effort needed on your part. You have one responsibility, not to interfere with the almighty working out every hindrance between you and eternal Godhead.
A long time ago certain malefic individuals sought to create barriers between the different faiths of Hindu and Christian. With the former the serpent is a symbol of the interior divinity realized, the result of the Kundalini rising to the top of the head. With the latter, the serpent is crushed beneath the heel of important figures in the religion; Archangel Michael, Mary and sundry. There is a difference between the snake in the grass and the luminous divine wisdom of the serpent raised to its highest potential. It’s all understandable when you recall that the first chakra is the root chakra and is much about survival. The second chakra is the sexual force. The third is somewhat about personal power so… one could say that evil is quite possible in the lower chakra windows.
In the west we talk about Salt, Sulfur and Mercury. In the west they have comparable gunas of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. We have the seven interior planets. They have the seven chakras. Just different ways to say the same thing. All of our spiritual understandings came out of Mother India and were translated into the Christian and other forms. It has long been known to informed souls that Jesus spent some years in the East, visiting masters and the like (the like?).
Once one has reached a certain level of understanding all these teachings and philosophies merge into one, or are discarded for a lack of relevance; some religions are Satanic and justify all sorts of evil behavior which continues to this very day; one has only to look at what the usurping AshkeNAZIS have done to the Palestinians for their personal gain. Their religion gives them all the support needed for any sort of acts and history is suffused with examples of every sort of outrage and lies.
Well, there is no need for me to beat this dead horse. In life everything is resolved, though it might take a long time. Otherwise it is certainly taken care of at the other end. As it stands presently, we are in an apocalypse and that is where things and events long in waiting are dealt with… and they will be.
None of that is any concern to us. The angels of the Lord take care of all that. Our job is to focus our hearts and minds upon the living, eternal, luminous light of the Lord. Let it fill your hearts and ignite the flame of realization in your minds. Any other efforts we might make are simply detours and delays upon the way. It’s all a non profit excursion to Elsewhere. The divine… the ineffable is the supreme enjoyer and goal. Meaning we can enjoy nothing unless the divine is enjoying it in us and that we have achieved nothing unless we achieve God Consciousness. This should be what one goes to sleep with and the first thing thought of and considered upon awakening. The cost is incidental when one considers the cost of temporal engagements and the so called pleasures that conceal a world of suffering within the flowers and leaves of whatever the plant is where the pleasures hang like ripening fruit, until they fall to the ground and decay. Make sure it’s not a Durian!
My god! I made it through the post… heh heh. Well then my friends, I pray you have a wonderful day and rest of your life. Seek the ineffable in all things, in all you do, with every thought, word and deed. Then you will be where you REALLY want to be. I hope to see you there!!!
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