The Greatest Con of the Global Elite

Mark Windows — Windows on the World Oct 14, 2018

How the Global Elites have gone from the Cold War to a multipolar front and how the new global management system relies on the global serfdom to accept loss of all rights and enforced rationing and poverty in order to save the plant from humanity itself using apocalyptic predictions with no scientific basis.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released their SR15 report which shows laughable errors and flawed data.

Their world surface data stations leave out 90 percent of the Earths surface. The weather stations report freezing tropical islands, sea measurements on land and even stations which closed years ago.

The AGW theory though is secondary to this UN-backed management and control system so there is really no need for science.

This latest show pulls apart the flawed data and the Big Lie of The Climate Change Agenda.

Climate Catastrophobia – The Big Lie – Windows on the World

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