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Darkmoon — Oct 15, 2018

Is Christianity a ‘Jewish plot’ designed to weaken Christians and turn them into wimps? 

Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

This provocative and stimulating discussion between J.B. Campbell, founder of the militia movement in America, and a anonymous writer known as ‘Sardonicus’, took place in the Comments section of the Darkmoon site. Apart from a few minor deletions and editorial inserts in square brackets, these are the exact words spoken by the two participants in the debate. I have added a few words in summary at the end. [LD] 
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J.B. CAMPBELL:  That the Jews are the only humans and we are mere animals is the basis of Judaism. This makes coexistence between us impossible. Or it would have been so but for the creation of Christianity. Christianity allows our exploitation and control by Jews. It also protects Jews from us.
Before we can destroy Judaism, in theory, Christianity must be rejected for the disgrace that it is. Not just Christian Zionism but the idea of surrendering to be executed by our deadly enemies, which is the story of Jesus. This is the basis of the Christian faith, which has as its symbol the instrument of his death. Christianity is the cancer of the intellect. Our children need to be taught about Jews and the dangers of Christianity so that they can defend themselves from Jewish Rule.
Jesus’ actions were (and are) models to be emulated. That’s what makes the faith so deadly for its believers. Wasn’t every one of his early followers executed? Some of them by Saul of Tarsus, who supplied most of the New Testament! It’s really too much. How could such a passive, self-destructive idea be attractive to people, unless they somehow see it as a license? A license for cowardice.
And I think Jesus did teach this sort of thing in his Sermon on the Mount.
The greatest threat to humanity has always been from government, which is always tyrannical. Humanity needs role models who teach us how to overthrow tyranny. Religion shouldn’t allow us to be cowards. It should glorify heroism. Heroism is the only thing that can get us out of this disaster which was created by the Jews and enabled by the Christians.
SARDONICUS:  I wouldn’t be surprised if J.B. Campbell isn’t an agent provocateur for the FBI. Or a sting agent of some kind. Surprising how they haven’t shut his website down, isn’t it? They pick up Islamic “terrorists” every day of the week, but J.B. Campbell—openly preaching extremism on his website—is still a free man, walking around untouched.
You don’t find that suspicious? I do! What a joke you guys are! Hot air factories, all of you! Go peddle your fake heroism elsewhere!
 J.B. CAMPBELL:  I’m not saying you bitchy trolls are all cowards, but that’s how you appear. Lasha Darkmoon always gives thoughtful and useful material but you trolls with your off-subject ramblings just drag it down — time after time. You can’t resist derailing her pieces into nothingness. You can’t stay on point, which is probably the whole point of what you do. Always the same hit-and-run acid-throwers using noms de guerre, of course. When you use your real name you take responsibility for what you write. Every one of you bitchy trolls hides behind a fake name, which in this sort of activity is cowardly.
SARDONICUS: Let me begin by saying that you’re an exceptionally fine writer and I’ve always been one of your admirers. Some of your articles have been published on this site and you have received respect and a fair hearing. However, let me point out the flaws in your reasoning.
Firstly, only a miniscule minority of people use their real names on the internet. So to call everyone a coward who uses a pseudonym is foolish and counterproductive. For if all of on this site are “cowards” for using pseudonyms, why are you talking to us here? The truth is that anyone who agrees with you will receive a pat on the back from you, and the only people you will denounce as “cowards” are the ones who dare to contradict you. You know that. You’re smart enough to know that.
Secondly, you attack Christianity on a site where there are Christians. And you are surprised that your gratuitous attack is met with a counter-attack? You come here to spit in our faces and then get your knickers in a twist when we spit back at you? Understand this, brave warrior: for every blow you give, you will get two blows back! All your talk of “cowardice” is so much hot air. Can you prove that you are as brave as you make out? Can you prove that your bravery is not bravado?
Thirdly, your attack on Christianity is philosophically bankrupt. You know very well that the Jews hate Christianity more than anything. You walk in lockstep with the Talmudic Jews in Israel who spit on Christians. For you spit on Christians too, don’t you? So you do the Jew’s dirty work, don’t you? You are no more, I regret to say, than a Useful Idiot for the Jews. The Jews must be delighted that you nail Christ to the Cross all over again! Yes sir, you have aligned yourself with the Jews and would be happy to be ranked among the Christ killers.
Do tell me, Mr Campbell, how many militant supporters are you going to get if you alienate the vast numbers of Christians around you? You expect to recruit fine, upstanding atheists, nihilists and neopagans to fight the Jews for you?
Tolstoy was a Christian. Dostoevsky was a Christian. Pascal was a Christian. You despise them and think them “cowardly” and misguided for believing in the “Jewish” slave religion? Who are you to tell them that your own half-baked anti-Christian views are the correct ones? Ever listened to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? Or Mozart’s Requiem? Because their music was inspired by Christianity — yes, Christianity! — the religion you tell us is the most disgusting and horrible thing ever invented!
Don’t get the idea that I hate you. Mr Campbell. I don’t. If ever you got your way and Christianity were destroyed, what would the world be like with you as Supreme Dictator? It would be hell on earth!
J.B. CAMPBELL:  All religion is mind-control. The priest-class telling people how to think and even how to live their lives in ways that benefit the controllers. The priests serve the government by keeping the people under control. Above that is the super-class that runs the government. The super-class is apparently a Judeo-Masonic cult.
The three religions that concern us are the ones supposedly derived from Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christian and Moslem priests naturally consider themselves junior to and somewhat lesser than their Jewish colleagues. The Catholics traditionally struggled against Jewish control but this struggle has disintegrated in modern times due to the realities of Jewish banking practices and their monopoly of currency. The Protestants have not struggled against Judaism ever since the creation of the Scofield Bible, apparently commissioned by [elite Jews] Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermyer.
To me, though, the legend of Jesus is the real problem. A mystery-man shows up, raises a little hell in the temple, annoys the priests who clamor to have the Romans arrest and execute him. For what? For answering their questions with more questions. The suggestion is that the mystery-man was the son of YHVH [YAHVEH]. This profound event took two or three days from start to finish. The finish was that his body disappeared from a tomb and this was proof that he was resurrected. An entire faith is built on this strange little happening, for which there is no evidence that it actually happened.
The story goes that for those two or three days the mystery-man had performed miracles. He was the son of YHVH. Some believers say he was  YHVH, which would have made him, of course, omnipotent. But his preordained mission was to surrender to the Romans and be crucified and suffer for our sins, whatever they be. Everything was preordained, even the betrayal by Judas. Everything had to happen the way it supposedly did. Like a play.
So my objection, ever since I was a little kid in Sunday School, was that this is an idiotic story of a guy who refused to fight, to defend himself. Mixed signals: sell your stuff and buy a sword. Guy tries to defend him with a sword [Simon Peter], but Jesus says: No, I’ll go quietly. The Romans didn’t want to mess with him but for the clamoring of the Jews.  Mystery Man can save himself but he provokes the boss to kill him. Because it had to be.
Who wrote this stuff? Jews! How does it serve them? Look, we’re so smart and powerful that we can tell the Romans what to do to you Christians, starting with your Chief Magician! What do the Christians do to assert themselves, to get their dignity back? Nothing! But hey, why should they, since the arrest and execution of the mystery-man was preordained. It had to happen.
Finally, nineteen hundred years later, the Jews got their first modern dictatorship [in the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin, 1917-1953], and to celebrate this they slaughtered millions of Christians over several decades. Did the Christians try to stop this? Not that we know of.  Except one bunch, the Germans, who tried. But all the other Christian countries went to war to destroy the Germans for this heresy — for this insult against the Jews.
Christianity is by definition impotent and worse than useless. It has been our undoing because the role model surrendered to be tortured to death, and this is the central part of his perfection.
SARDONICUS: A fine diatribe, Mr Campbell! Which reinforces my sincere belief that you are an exceptionally gifted writer with a formidable intellect. I also believe you are dead sincere and that your ideas cannot and must not be lightly dismissed. I do respect you.
However, I can’t help noting that you have neatly sidestepped all the points I have made in defense of Christianity—in particular, my central point that in attacking Christianity you are doing the dirty work of the Jews and are walking in lockstep with the Jews. As such, if you ever got your way and managed to convince everyone to give up Christianity, the Jews would be the first to rejoice and give you a medal for advancing their agenda!
Can’t you see what is blindingly obvious, Mr Campbell: that you are a Useful Idiot for the Jews?
No, you cannot! You do their work for them, chipping away at the foundations of Christianity, ridiculing it and attacking it in exactly the same way as the Jews have been doing for the last two thousand years.
JB CAMPBELL:  In regard to your points in defense of Christianity. To me, there is no defense. There is no way to excuse or minimize the damage done. Christianity protects Judaism, which is the most virulent form of spiritual, psychological and physical aggression. Human nature is to defend yourself against aggression. Whether by design or default, Christianity removed this natural human tendency by holding up Jesus as the perfect being whose every action and statement was perfection. Jesus refused to defend himself and this example was followed by his disciples and eventually by millions of believers over the centuries to come. Jesus supposedly said to love your enemies and if one of them smacks you, give him another shot. But his surrender in the garden [of Gethsemane] is the horrible example. Again, though, it had to be. The script had to be followed.
Jews hate everyone and are in a permanent state of war with everyone. You say they hate Christianity. They don’t hate it – it’s their primary weapon against us. They hate us and drove us into this faith that weakens us and removes our will not only to win but just to survive. Christians are taught to disregard political outrages against them and look forward to living with Jesus in the great bye-and-bye. They are conditioned to do what Jesus did. There is a reason that the tiny Jewish minority has been so incredibly successful, but it took centuries of conditioned response (or Christian brainwashing) which culminated with the 1917 Bolshevik takeover of Christian Russia, the essentially Jewish dictatorship. In the US, it was the 1917 Jewish takeover of banking — yet another Jewish dictatorship. Noticing the Jewish nature of either dictatorship was considered “bigotry”, mainly thanks to Christian subversion in the churches.
You think I’m an agent provocateur? If that were the case, the feds and Jews would promote me as their favorite villain, as they did with my friend Louis Beam for many years, because obviously there’s no one writing or speaking at my level – in the world. But actually, you’d never have heard of me if it weren’t for Lasha Darkmoon running some of my essays. The truth is, they don’t want people reading my stuff, which really is dangerous material. After all, I was able to create the militia movement with an obscure book and a few interviews – pre-Internet. They simply do not want such a guy getting another chance to do such an unexpected thing.
SARDONICUS:  OK, Mr Campbell. You’ve made some excellent points and made them in a very professional way: courteous, urbane, and without losing your cool. I commend you for that. I’ll stop now, as I believe our comments are being made into a “debate” for publication and we don’t want to draw it out and make it too long. All the best to you, and I wish you good luck in your struggle against the traditional Enemy!
LASHA DARKMOON  (in summary) : Well, that’s about it. I doubt if this debate will influence anyone in the slightest, either to take up Christianity or abandon it. We will all end up doing exactly what we are meant to do, like actors in a play. Poor Sardonicus! He doesn’t have a hope in hell of converting anyone to Christianity who is already adamantly opposed to it. Similarly, J.B. Campbell’s anti-Christian arguments—however rational, cogent and convincing—will cut no ice with anyone who is already in the Christian camp.
Thousands of Christ haters have railed against Christianity for the last two thousand years. J.B. Campbell isn’t the first. Not one of these anti-Christians has made the slightest impression on the mind of the already committed Christian. You might as well be speaking to the deaf. No one could have been more vitriolic in his denunciations of Christianity than Nietzsche. Did the great German philosopher succeed in destroying Christianity with his over-the-top fulminations? No, he failed dismally.
I shall be writing a rejoinder to J.B. Campbell’s attack on Christianity soon in which I will attempt to point out the flaws in his argument. Though I am not an orthodox Christian, I believe strongly that Christianity is a force for good in the world, and that attacking those who are honestly in search of Divine Reality is not only counterproductive but can have evil consequences. Today the world has 2.1 billion Christians in it. We even hear that Christianity is now spreading like wildfire to China, and that China will soon have more Christians in it than any other Western country, including the United States. Incredible, isn’t it?