Let us now celebrate the New Ireland

Irish Savant — Oct 10, 2018

Once Ireland was known as The Land Of Saints and Scholars. Our monks and scholars travelled the length and breadth of Europe bringing wisdom and learning to its benighted masses. “This was Ireland’s Golden Era as it became a burgeoning land of art and literature, culture and Christianity”.  Sadly that ended about 1500 years ago, at which point we descended into an abyss of poverty and ignorance, ridden, in every sense, by the Catholic Church and where we amused ourselves by beating one another to pulp in mass faction fights. Thankfully those dark days are well behind us as Ireland now becomes a cultural superpower.

While this claim was undoubtedly reinforced by the election of an Indian Hindu homosexual as our Prime Minister the social advances were coming thick and fast anyway. For instance, we were among the first to legalise gay ‘marriage’. Our hearts burst with pride. And with other deep emotions too as this video underlines. Take a look and try to guess what had driven the women to such paroxysms of emotion. Had a baby been saved from a burning house by intrepid firemen or some such? Au contraire, their emoting was based on the fact that we had recently voted overwhelmingly to allow women to kill their unborn children in their wombs.

And in yesterday’s Budget, no less than €12 million was snaffled from our bankrupt ‘Health’ services to pay for these abortions……our taxes at work. (You may have noticed that in recent times abortion has become co-terminous with ‘women’s health’.) And that wasn’t the end of the goodies for da wimmins. Take (please do) Margaret Cash, a splendid example of our travelling community and their ‘culture’. She and her partners’ whelp children with all the foresight of stray dogs. But, despite never doing a stroke of work in her life, she lives well.

margaret cash

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Yes, this upstanding (despite spending most of her time on her back) citizen had spawned no fewer than six children by the time she was 26. Plenty more where they came from. Following yesterday’s Budget, she’ll now pocket €1000 per week to help keep her in the style to which she’s become accustomed. In the old backward Ireland she’d have been a pariah, today she’s a celebrity, epitomising the strong, independent, indomitable female spirit. Even if she exists entirely on the taxpayers’ dime.

And this doting mother would certainly have been a pariah in the Ireland of old, possibly spending the rest of her miserable life in jail. ‘A MOTHER WHOSE five-month-old baby girl suffered a catalogue of injuries in her care including a skull fracture, a broken arm and two broken legs has walked free from court. At Ennis Circuit Court, Judge Gerald Keys told the 23-year old woman: “I see no benefit to society, to the child, to yourself or to the father of the child by imposing a custodial sentence. I just don’t see any future in that and I don’t think that anyone will benefit from it.” Judge Keys said that the woman’s continuing efforts to rehabilitate herself would not be possible if she was jailed and he imposed a suspended two year suspended sentence.’ Can’t be jailing women in the New Ireland, can we?

And of course, we’re enthusiastic multiculturalists. The old Ireland was pale and stale whereas now the country is a glittering vibrant mosaic of races, religions and cultures. Admittedly this can have unexpected downsides. ‘A school in north Dublin has been closed today after a student allegedly posted gun-related threats online against staff. Gardai confirmed a 16-year-old boy was arrested following the incident, but has since been released and will be cautioned under the Juvenile Diversion Programme. “Don’t come in tomorrow if you have any regard for your life, you’ve been warned. “I think I’m ashoot up Ardgillan Community College tomorrow. Think I’m joking, you’ll see tomorrow.” The fifth-year student included a close-up image of his own face, but posted it on an Instagram account with a fictitious name on Monday night. The teen is unlikely to face charges or a court appearance and will instead be dealt with under a Juvenile Diversion Programme, which gives young offenders a second chance.’ (My emphasis). The brainpower to post the threat under a false name while forgetting to change his picture suggests the perp might be an African cultural enricher. And indeed he is. Not that our MSM reported that. Our own Dublin Dave pointed this fact out in an earlier comment and a friend of mine in nearby Skerries confirmed it.

So there you have it. The New Ireland. The Land Of Sluts And Scammers.