Somewhere Down a Dark Road.

Smoking Mirrors – January 12, 2011

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 Somewhere down a dark road where few people go, unless they have no choice which, kind of explains what they are doing there… like I said, or started to… somewhere down a dark road are far more people than the few who would go and they got lost or mislead. Now it seems like there are more people down that road than there are out here playing in traffic or looking to do each other’s children; who have become the new after dinner mints for the after party crowd.

 I guess the hottest game in town now is “Jews in Jeopardy”. As everyone should know or, if you don’t, someone will point it out to you, one Jewish life is worth about one hundred thousand gentile lives on the open market; then again, who controls the market? Okay, I got it.

 It’s like that thing about holocausts. It doesn’t matter if it did happen or what the facts are when the people making all that money off of it, managed to kill ten times, a hundred times; I don’t really know but… way, way more than they claim to themselves. It’s no longer a matter of six million but rather the tens of millions they’ve killed. The real point is that they owe a lot of lives. So, now it’s “Jews in Jeopardy” and probably Jews playing “Jeopardy” but that’s a jeopardy that they just seem to court. These are the end times though, the summing up of an age and more than an age; a complete 12 age cycling of time, longer than most minds can register, or imagine. Right, go mix yourself another glass of Slim Fast: while you ponder the imponderable of your ponderousness and lie to yourself. That’s a talent that is rarely mentioned but universally celebrated, sans cerebration. Party down!!! Why do we never party up?

 Someone shot a congress-something who- big surprise- turned out to be a member of The Tribe. Don’t they compose the entire congress already? Aren’t there so many of them now that they have to use WASP names, while they get out of the shower to take a leak? That is, unless they are already pissing on you. It makes it an intricate physiological problem, whether to orgasm or abuse and… why can’t we do both? It’s probably why they need all those organs unless; they really are bad aliens and simply wear them out with greater frequency.

 And then, lo and behold… the killer turns out to be a Tribe member from the matriarchal side, while the victim had only a patriarchal end. I’ve been told Fox News is doing all sorts of things, doing what they do best, eating shit and then turning it into commentary. Yes, men and women can both be whores. They give up the same thing after all so, why should one’s sex matter? For that matter, why should sex matter at all? It doesn’t matter to me but… when you’re getting it from a ‘party up’ sort of thing, mere human flesh is not the source of comfort that it appears to be for everyone else; accent on ‘appear’.

 “Send lawyers guns and money dad, get me out of this”

 Seeing as I have actually studied the occult, instead of commenting on it without any greater resource than the fact that someone said these are elements of an occult ritual, I have to take exception to decaying oranges and skulls. I’ve got some tangerines on my front table right now and unless I keep eating them at a great rate (which I do), they will decay. What kind of grade school moron of a non student of methodologies, that they probably can’t even pronounce, much less have any awareness of, says that oranges and skulls mean anything in the occult? I doubt most people know anything about the hidden side of things, which makes it okay for ‘unnamed sources’ to ‘Hollywood’ something with oranges and skulls. I’d like the lubricate J. Assange with orange pulp and stick Henry Kissinger’s head up his ass. Ah, excuse me someone else preceded the operation.

 Really people… how stupid are you??? Pretty fucking stupid and pardon my French and why does it have to be French to begin with? Don’t most of you curse in your own language? God’s not dead, he’s merely hiding and you can see him in the morning when the sun is rising. That’s as much god as you are ever going to get. Like I said, I have studied the hidden side of things. I have read Cornelius Agrippa and Jacob Boehme. I have read The Sacred Magic of Abremelin the Mage. I’ve read The Golden Bough and pretty much everything that’s out there. My occult library would dwarf your expectations. I know the difference between Santamaria and other forms of voodoo… and hoodoo according to John Fogarty. I know what the Sepher Yetzirah and The Zohar are; oranges and skulls? Good luck with that.

 I’ve read two books worth reading in my life and those are The Way of Life and the Bhagavad-Gita. I don’t include the others for my own reasons… oranges and skulls? That sounds like Fox News to me. I don’t much care about congress-somethings getting shot. There should be more of them but please… get the bankers first. Please, please, bankers first; to the white courtesy phone, to the VIP lounge. I think VIP is just the short form for vipers or… is it, Very Important Pronouns?

 Dark roads and dark minds, led and mislead and going on their own. I know Jack Shit, Jack Shit was a friend of mine and you are no Jack Shit. Confused? Gee, that’s too bad.

 Most of the time I feel like I am talking to myself but… there’s so much of myself out there that I can draw a crowd if I just stick to something besides skulls and oranges. The people who come here aren’t stupid, or else they haul ass in a hurry, because they have to expend most of their energy on hauling their asses. Some of us ride on them but this isn’t two thousand years ago. This is now and payback is coming. A dead congress-something is not the worst thing that can happen. The death of an ordinary person is much more significant as far as I am concerned.

 You are seeing the tip of the iceberg, or Goldberg or Goldman with his sacks. People are pissed and, as usual, it is presenting itself in surprising ways, because the people starting it are the people behind it. This victim thing is worn out and the more they push it, the more it gets ridden hard and put away dead. Even a moron can catch a clue if you hit him in the head with the same two by four often enough. Intelligence can be beaten into you. I am living proof of that.

 You people just keep on doing what you’re doing and that will work with speed against the collapsing center. Irie!!!

 Remember, dead babies don’t grow on trees and it takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees. Everything else is borderline. I had a reader send me an email telling me that I might have a borderline personality… heh heh… maybe one of them is. I had another reader ask me, saying, “I hear you talk to God. I just want to ask you, does God ever recommend any books?” I did not know how to answer this person. Can you figure this out?

 Well, the bad guys will keep doing bad things and the rest of us will try to hang in there but time is short now. The whole house of cards is coming down and God help those standing nearby. How screwed up does it have to get before people start thinking about what is important? How messed up does it have to get before we stop helping it mess up? How far do we have to go before we realize we are headed in the wrong direction and how long before we stop confusing a hardon with an erection?

 It’s not my problem and I should never have come back here but it’s too late for that now. All one can accomplish at this point is to keep on keeping on. Bodhisattva work isn’t what it used to be.

 End Transmission…….


Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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