‘Secret atomic warehouse’: The mystery building at the centre of Israeli PM’s claim

euronews — Sept 30, 2018

Iran’s ‘Secret Atomic Warehouse’ or Metal Scrap Storage

Tasnim News Agency — Sept 30, 2018

Netanyahu presents UN with "evidence of Iranian secret nuclear warehouse". Click to enlarge

Netanyahu presents UN with “evidence of Iranian secret nuclear warehouse”. Click to enlarge

Tasnim reporter visited the Turquzabad district in southern Tehran and talked to the people about the recent claims raised by the Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said a secret warehouse existed in the district.

Neighbors of the warehouse were amazed by Netanyahu’s foolish claims and found them hard to believe. They said the Prime Minister must have been misled or fooled because the building was nothing but a metal scrap storage.

“Somebody must have given him (Netanyahu) this information to make him fool,” said one Iranian who owns a nearby carpet cleaning service. “There is nothing out of ordinary about this place.”

Since Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly, Iranian high-ranking officials, such as Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his deputy Abbas Araqchi, dismissed Netanyahu’s claims and said that Israel is the only regime in region with secrets and undeclared nuclear weapons program, as well as the fact that Israeli prime minister must have been fooled by his, misled intelligence service.

The world Darquzabad which is a derivative from Turquzabad (the small village in Netanyahu’s report) reminds all Iranians of a term used for “nowhereland” in Persian.