Marijuana Legalization: What is the Social Impact? — Sept 30, 2018

A woman smokes cannabis during a party to mark sales of the drug – which has been cited in delusional episodes – in Denver, Colorado. Click to enlarge

A woman smokes cannabis during a party to mark sales of the drug in Denver, Colorado. Click to enlarge

The Purpose of Life is to wake up. To catch a glimpse of the Divine. To get High in a moral sense. This is my hope. But contributor Mike Stone is more pessimistic. I post his missive below and welcome response from people who have anecdotal answers to the question posed in the title.

by Mike Stone — ( 

I think the cultural effect of legal cannabis is horrendous.
I do not use it, although I have tried it in high school and again once in my 20’s.
I have two older brothers who both started on grass, became hooked, and moved to other drugs. Both ended up in prison due to crimes they committed while high. One completely fried his brain. He’s dead.
When I was 19, I worked in a bar. Three of the bartenders smoked a lot of grass and ended up murdering some guy because of a drug deal. They cut off his head, which was never found. These were young guys in their 20’s. One guy turned against the other two and got off. I’m sure the other two were both sentenced to life.
I’ve seen drugs ruin so many lives I can’t count. A guy I went to high school with was the best running back in the state, one of the best in the country. He could have sailed through college on a football scholarship and turned pro. Instead, he got hooked on grass and never went anywhere.
At that time, nobody’s parents knew what the heck was going and nobody seemed to care. People were so zombied out by television, they seemed powerless to do anything.


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