Welcome to the Oasis

Irish Savant — Sept 25, 2018

“Just a few miles from the centre of Sheffield, Fir Vale is a richly multicultural area with White British(!), Asian and Eastern European (read: Roma) communities living in a mix of parallel terraced streets. There are as many mosques as churches in the area.” Into this bedlam came the comically-named “Oasis Academy” in 2014. Its main objective is “to inspire students and fashion unity while cherishing diversity“. Good luck with that. Given the demographics it’s no surprise that 40% of the pupils do not have English as their first language while nearly a quarter have special learning needs.

Just like me you’re expecting that it’s turned out to be an oasis of tranquility and learning as diverse talents coalesce into a beautiful mosaic, an idyll of peace, harmony and academic rigour. Well, not quite. In what has been tagged as the biggest riot in (cough) ‘British’ school history 150 students (about one third of the student body) engaged in a mass riot there yesterday. Eyewitness claimed ‘all hell was breaking loose‘ prompting dozens of police cars, ambulances, helicopters and dog teams to ‘scramble’ to the scene.
As I’ve regularly pointed out, multiculturalism works. Until it stops working. By which I mean it might give the appearance of working but in reality it’s a tinder-box waiting for a spark to start a conflagration. The traitorous British leaders responsible for this catastrophe should be – literally – hanging from lamp-posts.


Comment — Sept 28, 2018

Fir Vale disturbance. Click to enlarge

Fir Vale disturbance. Click to enlarge

Note the way the following report in the Independent effectively glosses over a key element in the disturbance. However, clearly this is far more than a schoolyard fight and it doesn’t bode well for the sort of diversity that the elite and their media are relentlessly trying to promote.
In effect the elite are using “diversity” as a means to further the principle of divide and rule. Expect disturbances like this one to become more frequent and maybe more violent too. And note it’s not just the kids that are fighting — the parents are joining in too.  This is exactly what our social engineers want: a fractured society where the constituent elements are at odds with each others allowing the elite to exercise absolute power without question.  Ed.

Police called to Sheffield school over large-scale disorder as ‘all hell breaks loose’ between pupils

Chris Baynes — The Independent Sept 26, 2018

Dozens of police officers were sent to a South Yorkshire secondary school after a large fight broke out between pupils.

Footage posted on social media showed officers trying to restrain youths amid a melee outside Fir Vale School in Sheffield.

The school was forced to close early on Tuesday but assured parents that all pupils were safe.

Paramedics treated two people at the scene for minor injuries. One is thought to have been a school staff member.

A witness claimed as many as 150 people, including parents, were involved in the disorder.

“All hell was breaking loose,” they told local newspaper The Star. “We saw two police riot vans and police dogs. We saw parents and pupils trying to climb over the fences.

“I’d say there were about 100 to 150 people rioting and there was chaos on both sides of the fence.”

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