Is George Soros Using Canadian Trade to Defeat Trump? — Sept 28, 2018

That's Trudeau's wife but it might as well be Freeland. Both are "global citizens" i.e. Communists. Click to enlarge

That’s Trudeau’s wife but it might as well be Freeland. Both are “global citizens” i.e. Communists. Click to enlarge

Delicate trade negotiations have not prevented Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland from attacking Trump as a “tyrant.”  She deliberately twists the tiger’s tail.  Both she and Justine are proxies for George Soros.  Soros’ strategy for Canada:
Call Trump’s NAFTA car tariff bluff  The ensuing chaos will destroy Trump in the midterm elections. When I tweeted this thought, “RD” sent a JR Nyquist piece that provides the bigger picture:
“If we want to understand how the great totalitarian machine is able to morph and shift and change with the times, we must go to its soul. At bottom Marxism is a strategy behind which stands a pathological desire for absolute power and global destruction.” JR Nyquist
America is under occult attack from within. 
The new methodology provides explanations for many contradictions and anomalies in the communist world on which the old methodology throws no light. -Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old, p. 102

Golitsyn’s Methodology and the Trump Administration 20 February 2017

By JR Nyquist — (abridged by 


JR Nyquist

What would Anatoliy Golitsyn, the KGB defector who correctly anticipated the fake collapse of communism, say about the Trump administration? I believe he would say that the communist strategists have launched a new provocation based upon a supposed split between the communist-dominated U.S. Democratic Party and (Soviet) Russia.
This supposed split offers some tantalizing tactical advantages to the communist side. It diverts attention from the extensive and treasonous collaboration of the American Left with Russia and the communist bloc. It also helps to camouflage future collaboration on the part of Trump’s critics. (People who warn of Russian interference with the elections will not be scrutinized too carefully themselves in this regard, especially by a media that is packed with communist operatives). …

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