henrymakow.com — Sept 24, 2018

Events like the holocaust, Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor and 9-11 are used to trauma brainwash society and change the direction of history.
It takes a traumatic event to change the course of history.
In a 2003 article, I reflected on this and on my personal brainwashing.

by Henry Makow Ph.D — (henrymakow.com) 

Former Italian President Cossiga 911 quoteIn an article entitled Why Hiroshima was Bombed, William Jones makes a convincing case that Japan was ready to surrender before the US dropped two nuclear bombs killing over 300,000 people.
Jones argues that in reality the bombs were dropped to alter the world’s mental state.
The power of this new weapon had to be demonstrated in a devastating manner, to convince all nations to accept the straitjacket of “world government,” he writes.
Mind control works by subjecting the victim to intense trauma (sexual abuse, electroshock, the torture or murder of others), which causes the mind to disassociate and splinter into multiple “alter” personalities. These are individually programmed to perform specific tasks.
War in general, and atrocities like Hiroshima, in particular, are traumatic events on a global scale. Humanity was brutalized. In a state of “disassociation,” humanity was programmed to fear nuclear annihilation (the Cold War) and to accept huge military expenditures and the United Nations.
Similarly, the same cabal staged the attack on the World Trade Centre in order to create maximum trauma.
The buildings, symbols of American prosperity, disintegrated in a controlled demolition creating pictures of panicked New Yorkers fleeing an avalanche of smoke and debris. These images were played over and over on television.
The graphics for “America’s New War” were ready and waiting.
In a state of dissociation and shock, Americans were programmed to believe that Muslim terrorists were responsible for this outrage.
Unquestioning, Americans accepted a totalitarian program of “security” measures which are in fact designed to deal with future domestic resistance to global government.  Americans docilely accepted huge military expenditures and wars aimed at robbing largely defenseless countries of their resources.


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