New Novichok Scare in Salisbury

Introduction — Sept 17, 2018

Former KGB Spy Explains Why It is Impossible That The Goons Were Putin's SpiesWhile we reserve judgement on what actually happened here it’s worth asking if this scare wasn’t staged in order to keep alive fears of “Russian assassins”. There are many similarities with the Skripals poisoning, including:
* The latest incident occurred at an Italian restaurant in Salisbury, just 300 metres from where the Skripals were poisoned.
* Witnesses said the victims were “Russians”, just like the Skripals.
* Initial symptoms were also reported to be consistent with novichok poisoning
This comes on top of reports that the alleged “assassins” took drugs and hired hookers while in London, which if Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov were on a mission to poison the Skripals is highly unlikely.
A more probable explanation is that the story is a media smear job while it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that “crisis actors” were used in this latest incident in Salisbury.

It’s NOT novichok, say police: ‘Russian’ couple fall ill at Salisbury restaurant with nerve-agent symptoms sparking panic as police in hazmat suits keep terrified diners in isolation for HOURS before giving the all-clear

* Italian restaurant was put on lockdown after couple became sick at Italian diner
* ‘Their symptoms were consistent with novichok poisoning,’ police sources said
* Man ‘had a fit in the toilet’ and blonde woman ‘was hysterical’, witness revealed
* Diner who initially called the police said the scene was ‘like Armageddon’
* Another witness said ill pair were Russian, but that hasn’t been confirmed
* It comes just six months after Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia collapsed in Zizi
* Were YOU at the restaurant? Tell us what you saw, email

Connor Boyd — Mail Online Sept 16, 2018

Forensic investigations at the scene of the crime in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Click to enlarge

Forensic investigations at the scene of the Skripal’s poisoning in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Click to enlarge

A couple fell ill in a Salisbury restaurant last night with symptoms similar to novichok poisoning, sparking panic among diners who were kept in isolation for hours by police who were unsure of the severity of the incident.

The all-clear was given in the early hours of this morning as experts determined the nerve agent was not present – but the cordon remained in place at Prezzo, the restaurant at the centre of the drama, as officers continued working to see if a crime had been committed there.

It was still unclear what had caused the two diners – a man in his 40s and woman in her 30s – to fall ill.  

There’s a suggestion that one of the pair is Russian, according to witnesses in the restaurant and a source at the scene.

The fact the restaurant is just 300 yards from Zizzi, where ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia ate the day they were poisoned with novichok, heightened the tensions.

Witnesses to last night’s drama told how a female diner was ‘hysterical’ after discovering her dining partner had collapsed in the Italian restaurant’s toilets and was suffering a fit. 

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