Leslie Moonves – Male Sacrifice Feeds the #MeToo God

henrymakow.com — Sept 14, 2018

Les Moonves. Click to enlarge

Les Moonves. Click to enlarge

Following in the footsteps of Harvey Weinstein, CBS CEO Les Moonves  is the latest Jewish media mogul to bite the dust.
Paul asks: 
What do you think this #MeToo movement is all about, now with Les Moonves stepping down? Is it a real revolution or faux?”

by Henry Makow Ph.D 

The #MeToo movement is designed to make heterosexuality a pathology (sickness) and homosexuality appear healthy.
Although deplorable, women have always traded in sex appeal one way or another.
One of Mooves’ accusers even admitted agreeing to his demand for a blowjob
Of course, when women are unhappy with the reward, they are quick to accuse a man of sexual harassment.
Sexuality is messy. Women are attracted to men with power. These men take advantage. This behavior is deplorable but it has been normal heterosexual behavior for millennia.  Is it a crime? Does it justify ending a career? Each case must be examined individually.
Women are not made of porcelain. They can look after themselves. Isn’t that what feminism teaches? There are laws agaist sexual assault. We don’t need a witch hunt unless there is a hidden agenda.



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