Soldiers who lied about the Holocaust

Introduction — Sept 5, 2018

Obama claimed his uncle helped "liberate" Auschwitz. He didn't. The Russians did.

Obama claimed his uncle helped “liberate” Auschwitz. He didn’t. The Russians did.

We know that no lampshades made out of human skin were found in Nazi concentration camps, as claimed. The video below also reveals how former President Obama was caught lying about his uncle who helped “liberate Auschwitz”.
We know that because U.S. troops did not liberate Auschwitz, the Russians did.
We also know that the gas chambers at Sachsenhausen were built after the war.
However, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a mass slaughter of Jews by the Nazis. It just didn’t happen in the way that Zionists and the media portray it happening.
For example we know for a fact that the Einsatzgruppen slaughtered over two million of those the Nazis considered undesirable as they advanced behind Hitler’s army invading Russia. Among those eliminated were an estimated 1.3 million Jews. So there certainly was an ongoing slaughter of innocent Jews.
However, exactly how they died, who gave the orders and precisely how many were killed has still not been firmly established. Despite what the corporate media may say.
Certainly the figure of six million is open to question. If only because prior to WWII there were numerous newspaper reports of “six million Jews” being killed in one way or another.
Nor were they isolated reports. Stories about the killing of “six million” Jews appeared before, during and after World War One and continued right up until to 1938. Which would suggest that the Western public were being prepared and subtly brainwashed into unconsciously accepting the figure of “six million Jews”.
Again, that does not mean that war crimes weren’t committed and that many Jews, maybe several million Jews were not systematically slaughtered. It just may not have happened in the way that Hollywood and the Holocaust industry would have us believe. Ed.

Soldiers who lied about the Holocaust

RizoliTV — Real.Video Sept 3, 2018