We Live in a Shadowbanned Society

henrymakow.com — August 31, 2018

Shadow banThe ultimate goal of the Illuminati central bankers is a monopoly on thought. 
People who diverge are thought criminals. They are suppressing resistance by silencing truth-tellers. Who knows what measures they will resort to in the future  if they get away with it now? 
“Of course, Google etc. will deny their bias. This is standard Communists/Luciferian practice. Deny with your lips what you do with your hands, causing a cognitive dissonance in your victim.”

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Lately, internet giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been criticized for banning conservative voices. President Trump has complained that Google suppresses positive news about him and he has vowed to take action. We need to put this into perspective.
This isn’t a Left-Right dispute. All corporations are controlled by banks, which are franchises of the central banking cartel. The central bankers are Freemasons (i.e. Satanists) who wish to extend their monopoly over government credit into a monopoly over everything. They need to create a world police state because they create the medium of exchange in the form of a debt to them, when free governments could create this medium of exchange debt-and-interest-free.
 Satanic cults exploit and control their members by corrupting and making them sick. This is satanic possession.
Masonic symbols and corporate logos

Corporate logos and masonic symbols. Click to enlarge

To make us sick, they need to control information and suppress the truth by calling it “fake news.” Satanists invert everything so evil is good,  lies are true and sick is healthy. They are suppressing all resistance to this process of satanic possession. For example, Facebook recently purged a woman who said gender confusion is sick. This is how Communists operate. They normalize sickness. They liquidate opposition because they know they’re in the wrong. (Communism is masonic.)  You cannot oppose their shibboleths: Diversity, Gender Dysphoria, Migration, Multiculturalism, Sexual “liberation” — all supported by the banks and corporations, all designed to undermine society.


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