State Subversion, Maajid Nawaz and Quilliam

Mark Windows — Windows on the World August 29, 2018

Here is a fascinating report into reformed “Islamic radical”  Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam Foundation and its rather chequered history.

Nawaz is an ex “Islamic extremist” and was “deradicalized” after being imprisoned in Egypt and is now a state asset of the intelligence services and counter extremism advocate, also a radio host on LBC.

His subversive tactics in dealing with callers on his LBC radio show strongly suggest he has been trained in psychological techniques which are used by our “intelligence services”.

Here is one of many shows about state subversives and we have covered Mr Nawaz and Quilliam in previous shows.

This article below is reprinted here as it is a valuable insight and timeline into how Mr Nawaz went from Palestinian rights advocate to Israeli asset and trained propagandist. His manipulation techniques have more in common with the intelligence services and the combative style does not cut it as a reformed and concerned citizen fighting for peace and justice.

This is the “social justice” we see used on the public by state subversives controlling the narrative at every level of society.

Conjuring with information

Part of a leaked GCHQ slideshow from Joint Threat Risk Intelligence Group. Click to enlarge

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