Moscow records ‘NATO-AIRSPACE’ WEAPONS DROP TO ISIS by ‘BLACK’ helicopters

Fort Russ — August 24, 2018

In this major development, it has been revealed to FRN that ISIS has been now recorded receiving a weapons drop from ‘unmarked’ helicopters. Serious questions are raised by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the delivery of arms and ammunition to the ISIS terrorist organization close to the Afghanistan border with other Central Asian states.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has revealed that Russia has registered helicopters of unknown origin delivering weapons to forces of ISIS and other jihadist organizations in Afghanistan.

The revelation was made by the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zacharova. She said:

“We again draw attention to the flights of unknown helicopters in northern Afghanistan that deliver arms and ammunition to Islamic State [ISIS] fighters and Taliban militants,” 

“According to Afghan media reports, as well as local residents, such flights have recently been recorded in Sari-Pul province,” the ministry spokesman said.

Ms. Zacharova also stressed that neither the Afghan army nor NATO forces are examining these flights, adding that flights are taking place near the Afghanistan border with Central Asian countries. She continued:

“There is a question: who is behind these flights, who supplies terrorists with weapons and creates their bases near the southern border of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (international organization of the former Soviet republics) and why this is happening in the Afghan airspace, which is controlled by NATO forces?”

This information from the Russian Foreign Ministry is only a few days before the start of the Afghanistan peace talks to be held in Moscow next September.

As it becomes seemingly evident that the Taliban will resume control of the country whenever US-led NATO forces leave Afghanistan, Russia and China who have relations with the group will surely have access to the trillion+ dollar worth of natural resources in the country while the US will be left out. It is most likely that ISIS will be utilized again to serve US interests just as they were supposed to in Syria by toppling President Bashar al-Assad, but ultimately failed.