What The Party ‘Strategists’ Say Is Not What The Voters Want

Moon of Alabama — August 23, 2018

Q: Why did the Democrats lose the Senate, House and presidency as well as more than a thousand state government positions?

A: They listened to their ‘strategists’, not to their voters.

Here is what the strategists currently say:

Staying out of the single-payer debate, party strategists say, could help Democrats in the general election, when they’ll have to appeal to moderates skeptical of government-run health care. Earlier this year, the DCCC warned candidates about embracing single payer, hoping to avoid Republican attacks on “socialized” medicine.

Why is “socialized” medicine supposed to be a bad thing? Why not defend it? It is what the voters want:

 Reuters/Ipsos poll – June/July 2018 – bigger

The ‘strategists’ say the voters can not have the nice stuff they want. Their arguments lost the elections. If the Democrats want to win again they must tell their voters to demand more nice stuff. Some people get that:

Progressive insurgents believe Clinton’s defeat, on top of losing control of Congress and most state governments, proved them right. They aspire to overthrow conventional wisdom that Democrats must stay safely in the middle to compete.

Democrats have been fixated for 20 years on this elusive, independent, mythical middle of the road voter that did not exist,” said Crystal Rhoades, head of the Democratic Party in Nebraska’s Douglas County, where a progressive candidate, Kara Eastman, is trying to wrest a competitive congressional district from a Republican.

“We’re going to try bold ideas.”

Most social-democratic parties in Europe have the same problem the U.S. Democrats have. The party establishments angle for the ever elusive ‘liberal’ center. They move the parties further to the right and lose their natural constituencies, the working class. This gives rise to (sometimes fascist) ‘populists’ (see Trump) and to an ever-growing share of people who reject the established system and do not vote at all.

This phenomenon is the micro version of a much larger trend. Liberal globalization, as promoted by the party ‘elites’, promises but does not deliver what the real people need and want. Liberal globalization turned out to be a class war in which only the rich can win. A revolt, locally on the level of voters, and globally on the level of nations, is underway to regain a different view.

Alastair Crooke recently outlined the larger trend within a global, ‘metaphysical’ perspective.

The progressive Democrats who are pushing for single-payer healthcare still miss out on other issues. They also support higher wages, but are, at the same time, against restrictions on immigration. Wages rise when companies have to compete for workers. Immigration increases the available workforce. A political program that supports both does not compute.

Working people understand this and in 2016 many of them voted for Trump. Neither LGBTXYZ identity policies nor other aloof ‘liberal values’ will increase the income of the poor. To win back the necessary masses the Democrats and social-democrats in Europe will have to shun, or at least de-emphasize such parts of their program.

It’s a class war. The rich are winning. Fight.