And this year’s Dodo Award goes to …

Irish Savant — August 19, 2018

dodoBecause it had no natural predators on the island of Mauritius, evolution shaped the dodo to be a large, flightless and defenceless bird. And they lead contented worry-free lives for thousands of years until the Dutch settled the island. Having no concept of fear the birds ambled up happily to the settlers, who promptly slaughtered them to the point of extinction.
But the spirit of the dodo lives on in today’s European-derived societies.  Created by the genius and drive of White men, these societies are so wealthy and safe that many natural human instincts for survival have atrophied. In a development unprecedented in history vast swathes of the population can now live comfortable lives without ever producing anything of value, be they welfare parasites or engaged in para-parasitical contrived occupations such as diversity managers or NGO employees.
Exhibit 1: Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan (Soyboy and Manjaw).
darwinAustin wrote in one post; “You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place.  People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it, evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own… By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”
To put this to the test they decided to cycle through ISIS-held territory in Tajikistan. What could possibly go wrong? Well…., according CBS News “they were riding their bikes through the country on July 29 when a car rammed them. Five men got out of the car and stabbed the couple to death along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands. Two days later, ISIS released a video showing the same men sitting in front of the group’s black flag. They looked at the camera and vowed to kill all “disbelievers”.
For such an initiative I award Austin and Geoghegan the coveted Dodo Award for 2018, albeit posthumously. Many thoughts crossed my mind on reading this story. For instance could they not have put their theory to the test by trying to cycle through a Detroit ghetto rather than travelling half-way around the world? And what were their last thoughts? Maybe ‘Trump was right after all’. And I consoled myself with the thought that, tragic as it was in its own way, the gene pool had been enhanced by their premature departure.
Should we feel sorry for them? It can be argued that they were idealists who walked the walk so to speak. Maybe, but I see them more as virtue-signalling religious fanatics with an ultimately fatal sense of self-righteousness. The likelihood is that they were exemplars of everything that’s destroying the very societies that enabled them to live in their comfortable smug bubbles.  Soyboy was a vegan who worked for the Department Of Housing And Urban Development where for sure his time was spent polluting decent White neighborhoods with Section 8 ghetto trash.  Manjaw worked as an admissions officer at Georgetown University where she ensured straight White males got dumped to the back of every queue. They’d have held up signs saying ‘Syrian Refugees Welcome’, marched in parades supporting every form of sexual degeneracy, looted the White working and middle classes to support brown and black parasites, demanded that legally (i.e.White) held guns be given up and they were the kind who’d have turned a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs.
Once again the gods of karma must be grimly smiling.