How Men Should Relate to Women — August 18, 2018

With all the noise and confusion over gender and sexual harassment, with women’s heads so inflated, men need a reminder of how to approach a woman.
Essentially he must have a role for her in his life, and he has to enlist her. This role must be in her best interests too. 
Ultimately, in a long-term relationship, women trade power for love. Men want power. Women want love. Heterosexual marriage is an exchange of the two. A woman can have power or love but she can’t have both. Women love by acquiescing. Men love by vindicating this trust. He consults her wishes but she must concede the power to grant them, or not. Women want men to take charge.
With perfect submission comes perfect love. Perfect love is never oppressive, domineering or cruel. A man wants his woman to want to be his.
Lisa Schmidt (below) is a woman who gets it.  She recognizes
that female “empowerment” is neutering women, making them squander their best years, and reap loneliness & bitterness. This is the Illuminati banker agenda, to depopulate and undermine society by subverting marriage and family. 

Men want power. Women want love. How to exchange power for love. 

by Lisa Schmidt 

Podcast Host & Coach for Women – who want a no BS approach to life, business and relationships — (

Call it nature vs. nurture, neuro-biological differences or perceived societal roles. The fact is that the sexes are opposite for a reason. His strong nature and ability to problem solve, or his aptitude for compartmentalizing is hard-wired into his brain. Her nurturing capabilities and emotional charges are the counterbalance to his competitive soul. We are meant to complement each other in order to secure the longevity of the human race. Hunter and gatherer bring home his kill or the spoils of his riches to the protected and provided for, so to speak.
Since the dawn of man, it has been more or less understood that there were roles in relationships. As times have changed over the past thousand years or so, those roles have been redefined numerous times. Women’s liberation, feminism, the rise in single-parent homes, have all changed how we look at perceived roles. Here we are in 2014. Women are CEOs, highly educated and sometimes the sole provider and protector of their family. While it is amazing and a huge leap forward for women in general, in our modern society it blurs the lines in relationships.
Lisa Schmidt. Click to enlarge

Lisa Schmidt. Click to enlarge

Stop fighting! Quit raging against men and embrace the differences.
I want to share a secret with you that will save you from disappointment and heartache.  You are woman and yes, you should roar. Your thoughts, wisdom, and accomplishments are not only noteworthy – they should be celebrated!  But at the end of your life, when you look back and are reflecting, do you want to see life and the relationships you had as a struggle?  Will it be more important that you let go of the nonsense and discovered true happiness, or did you absolutely need to fight against men to prove that you have evolved past the days of caveman?
Willfully submit to your nature when it comes to “being” in a relationship. Now I don’t mean submit in the sense of giving over complete control of who you are. I mean to submit to allowing yourself to be feminine and leaving the bitch and your baggage at the door.  A man wants to fall in love with a woman who is confident yes, but whom also is happy and authentic.  Coming in with the ghost of boyfriends past or the preverbal chip on your shoulder is a relationship murdering attitude.



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