Black Migration as White Ethnic Cleansing in the US — August 13, 2018

slaughter of the citiesThe African invasion of Europe, sponsored by Freemasonry, was foreshadowed in the 1940’s US by the transfer of millions of black sharecroppers from the South to the industrial cities of the north. They were settled in largely Catholic immigrant neighborhoods. The Catholics were dispersed to the suburbs.
This was done to break up these urban conclaves for political reasons. This ethnic cleansing is the reason for the social chaos in US inner cities today.
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(An Amazon Review)by J Michael ( 

This is one of the most important and enlightening works of history I have ever read. Why are our cities the way there are today, i.e. utterly failed polities, with glittering downtown business areas of skyscrapers and sports arenas surrounded by dangerous and poor black and brown ghettoes utterly dependent on government jobs and government handouts for survival, with a few leftover White enclaves eking out a sort of parlous existence in their midst?
Everyone knows it wasn’t always like that. People who were alive in the 50s and 60s and even 70s lived in different kinds of cities, safe places that functioned, places where people wanted to live and had proud roots, places whose demographics resembled that of America. But suddenly neighborhoods started to “change” (to use the preferred euphemism of the refugees) and almost the entire population of many American cities simply fled. Even among those displaced, it has always been assumed that this was an organic process; i.e. different people simply wanted to move in, and we didn’t want to live with them, so we left.
michael e jonesHowever, E. Michael Jones (right) clearly shows here, in this incredible work of scholarship, that the White inhabitants of American cities were deliberately ethnically cleansed.
By the 1940s, American cities- at least in the major Northeastern and Midwest cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, et al., had experienced a demographic revolution, in which the native American Protestant Anglo-Saxon people had become outnumbered by predominantly “White ethnics”, i.e. Irish, Italian and Polish for the most part who, although separated by sometimes contentious ethnic differences, were in the process of becoming a powerful and cohesive group due to intermarriage and their shared Catholic faith.


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