Are We Being Poisoned by Weed Killers? — Aug 11, 2018

wheat-and-glyphosate-medThe world’s most used herbicide – glyphosate – was found in all of the 14 most popular German beers tested in 2016. Sustainable Pulse Director Henry Rowlands stated:
“Stone-Age industry-funded science suggested that the higher the dose of a chemical the more dangerous it was; however modern independent science has discovered that many toxic chemicals have as much or more of an influence on our health at low doses- these chemicals are known as hormone hackers (endocrine disruptors).
A study from March 2015 stated that the health costs to the European Union of hormone hacking chemicals are over $ 150 billion per year! The study stated that lower IQ, adult obesity and 5% or more of autism cases are all linked to exposure to endocrine disruptors. Glyphosate is likely to be one of these hormone hacking chemicals according to independent science.”
(Disclaimer: This is beyond my expertise but someone I respect sent it to me. I am not endorsing or profiting from the product mentioned. As you read, remember what I have been saying. A satanic cult, such as our society has become, controls and exploits its members by making them sick.)
Friday Aug 10, 2018!   Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289 million in California Roundup Cancer Trial   5000 more claimants    Also Jury Backs man who claims Roundup Gave him Cancer 

Mysterious Infections and Disease: What is Behind Them?

by John Thomas — (excerpt by

Glyphosate’s Effects On Physiology & Intestinal Bacteria — Glyphosate and antibiotics destroy friendly, intestinal bacteria. It also destroys liver function, blocks uptake of vital elements and disrupts regulatory hormones, while sabotaging immunity, crippling the mitochondria, fueling fungus growth, feeding infectious organisms and causing intestinal dysbiosis.
Glyphosate poisoning EXPLAINS why autoimmune disorders climbed from three recognized medical conditions to over 300 in 20 years [and, I predict the number will climb to 1000 by year 2030]. Fungal infestation is a second culprit. Know that ALL THINGS AUTOIMMUNE are rooted in dysfunctional immunity, elevated body acidity, glyphosate poisoning and hyphal invasion of the gut wall.
Common autoimmune disorders are: psoriasis, acne, celiac, Crohn’s, vision, hearing, cardiovascular and kidney issues, asthma, diabetes types I, II and III and hundreds more. [Translation: if you have health challenges, know your gut is perturbed and your microbiome and immune system are compromised.]
Probiotics are the buzz in the health arena; the inference being that if you take probiotics, all will be fine and you will recover from what ails you. Sorry, but it just isn’t so! Probiotic bacteria are INCAPABLE of repairing an antibiotic-damaged, gut wall. Just one round of antibiotics is sufficient to mess you up and create a lifetime of autoimmune problems and compromised immunity.
Probiotic varieties of friendly bacteria DO NOT SURVIVE high acid stomach environments. And, because probiotic bacteria are NOT endospheres, they are a waste of money. [FYI: we are born with endospheric bacteria, but antibiotics KILL THEM! If you have ever used antibiotics, your system is challenged!]
Probiotic bacteria in fermented foods DO NOT SURVIVE THE STOMACH! THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE! Stomach acid is your primary defense against incoming, dietary, life forms. [The Immune Protocol provides endospheres that pass the stomach and reseed primal immunity.]
Endospheres are indestructible. They can survive heat, cold, sun, radiation and stomach acid. They can survive for millions of years. They remain viable because they are NATURALLY ENCAPSULATED, dormant, MASTER BACTERIA that hatch in the gut AFTER traversing the stomach. Then, they multiply and begin orchestrating your microbiome so autoimmune attacks on the system settle down, and cease! Master bacteria cause pathogenic organisms to REVERT to their non-pathogenic forms. This is huge!
Question! Why, after thirty years of probiotic mania, is the populace sicker than ever? Answer. Because, the probiotic story is urban myth! The MISSING PIECES of the puzzle are bacterial endospheres and elimination of disruptive, fungal yeast and their mycotoxins.
Immune restoration involves pleomorphism, a concept that is lost on mainline and alternative medicine. Few practitioners understand pleomorphism because germ theory is all that is taught in medical school. Pleomorphism is a terrain concept that renders medicine’s Germ Theory of Disease, moot!

Understanding The Glyphosate Dilemma

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