Will South African Farmers Have the Last Laugh?

Irish Savant — August 6, 2018

South African farm murders

South African farm murders

Everyone on this site will know by now that the Government of the post-racial Rainbow Nation, in the best cargo cult traditions, is to pass legislation allowing White farmers to be dispossessed of their homes and businesses without compensation. All decent people must worry about the fate that awaits them. With an array of official and unofficial discrimination measures in place their opportunities for gainful employment are minuscule, rampant crime and corruption render a private business fraught with difficulty. Emigration offers few prospects given that whatever meagre possessions they may retain after the seizures can be exchanged only for free-falling Rands. So it seems like they’ll be driven off their ancestral lands without a penny in their pockets.
Or will they?
An interesting article in the normally reliable Zero Hedge points out that White farms are massively indebted to the banks.  The article asks “who is going to pickup the debts (mortgages) that white South African farmers have attached to their land when they get kicked off? They walk off with nothing, so there will be no way that the banks will be able to have any claim with them. I don’t think the new “owners” will take over their debts.” The writer claims that the debts are high enough to precipitate the collapse of many banks. “So either South African banks take it on the nose and have their balance sheets wiped out (i.e. the banks would collapse)… or the South African government will have to make good on the debts that are owed to the banks.”
South African farm debt. Click to enlarge

South African farm debt. Click to enlarge

Now few things would make me happier than seeing banks and financiers reaping the whirlwind of black corruption and incompetence. But the big takeaway for me is that maybe the farmers aren’t so badly off after all. You see it’s common knowledge that South African farmers brilliantly exploit the land, are highly productive and efficient. Which means they should be making good money. So why have their debts skyrocketed over the last ten to fifteen years?
Here’s a thought. Maybe when they saw the way things were going in the Rainbow Nation that all the talk of a fair and balanced post-racial society was just that – talk. Maybe they realised that Zimbabwe II was being incubated. Maybe they played it really really smart by keeping up an optimistic front while borrowing money that, rather than investing in their businesses they squirrelled away for the catastrophe heading their way? I don’t know if my theory is true. But it’s a nice thought.
Here’s another nice thought. Once the dispossession/theft orders have been signed the farmers should adopt a scorched earth policy on their farms. Poison the wells, burn the corn seed, let machinery seize up through lack of lubrication and sterliise the land. On second thoughts, what’s the point? The new farmers will have done that all by themselves within a few years.



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