Insider – Top Satanists Can’t Marry, Have Children — Aug 8, 2018


Lisa (now 40) says that for her father, Steve Jobs, her very existence was a disappointment and a source of shame.
“Aspasia”, who has rubbed shoulders with Illuminati men, explains why they can’t satisfy their sexual needs in normal committed relationships. 
Reader: Most of the current leaders of European countries have no children

By Aspasia — ( 

These power men have no interest in committed relationships because at the higher Freemason levels/degrees -members are NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS.   At extremely high Freemason Satanic levels, they are not even supposed to have children–
So when I heard that Steve Jobs was so angry and mean about his first daughter -it reminded me of secret society men who are challenged to go for the super elite levels via the “bachelor path.”  Thus Jobs’ first daughter destroyed his chances. Please note: regarding Steve Jobs -I am speculating for a number of reasons:
1). I have been around high-level Freemasons and other secret society types and certain ones who come from generational families or those who have certain qualities. They are “tapped on the shoulder” when they are young — in their 20s still finding themselves. These young men are heavily manipulated to follow this bachelor path that includes using women for sex. Bachelor path men are over cautious about protective sex such that they will use a condom, putting spermicide inside and outside the condom and pull out or get a vasectomy. They do not want to get any woman pregnant yet they are encouraged to have uncommitted sex with many women but to be very cautious.
But still, women can be sneaky and can go to elaborate means to get the sperm.
So I guess once Steve Jobs had that first daughter -though he tried to deny it –but the tests proved Lisa was his -so his chances were over.   All the while, he tried to tough it out, not falling into another committed relationship.  But he couldn’t hack losing his girlfriend and since he already had a child he finally decided to throw in the towel and accept that he was not going to be able to get into the higher rings of the Satanic cult. So he married his girlfriend and had more children.
From my understanding, never-married men with no children are in a special high level. Think — Catholic priests.  Although one doesn’t have to be a Catholic priest per se, one can just be a single, never married, no children rich guy and enjoy a very high level. –So yeah I guess they are brainwashed by evil.
2) Jobs follows a pattern …


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