Jewish Convert Returns to Germanic Roots — Aug 5, 2018


Arminius Germanic Warrior & ThusneldaMichael Berg who first exposed the Trump family cult on this site discovers he is not a Jew. Apparently, a lot of Israelis are converts. 
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By Michael Berg — (

I was born in Israel in 1985 and raised as a Jew.
A few months ago after a DNA test, my parents and grandparent confessed that their families converted to Judaism after being influenced by Jewish friends they helped shelter during WW2. Up until this year, I was not aware of my German heritage.
My 26-year-old wife is a similar case. My wife’s parents were also Russian gentiles who converted to Judaism. They were they candid about joining the Jewish faith. They wanted to leave the USSR. They were doctors and Israel needed doctors. So it was a good deal.
Seeing the destruction that Feminism (female empowerment) causes in Israel, and the depraved LGBT agenda pushed in everybody’s faces, my wife and I are considering emigrating to Eastern Europe, maybe Russia to start a new life.
In order to see how Russia would be like, my family recently visited Europe, first Germany – the ancestral homeland of my ancestors  – and then to Russia – the ancestral homeland of my wife.



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