“God is Woman” by Ariana Grande: The Esoteric Meaning

Vigilant Citizen — July 30, 2018

Ariana Grande god is a woman

Ariana Grande’s “God is Woman” mixes the concepts of divinity with sexuality in a video that is full of references to historical works of art. We’ll look at the intense symbolism of this video.
Is God a woman? Of course not. God is an old man with a long white beard, everybody knows that. But seriously, debating God’s sex is one of the most pointless endeavors one can engage in.
Pretty much every religion and spiritual current in History asserted that God is above the concepts of male and female. While life on Earth is divided into two opposing sexes to ensure the propagation of species, God transcends these limitations of the physical realm.
So what is Ariana Grande babbling about when she sings “God is Woman”? Well, first, it is important to note that the song was not composed by Ariana Grande, but by two men (who are record industry giants): Max Martin and Savan Kotecha. Also, the video was directed by another man (who is also an industry giant) Dave Meyers.
Second, despite the name of the song, Ariana does not actually claim that God is a woman. The song and the video are actually about her becoming a goddess through sexuality. The lyrics actually say:
“when we’re done,
You’ll believe God is a woman”
While most reviewers claim that God is a Woman is about “female empowerment”, the video uses symbols and works of art that allude to profound spiritual concepts, giving the song a deeper meaning.
Indeed, God is a Woman touches on the esoteric concepts of tantric yoga and sex Magick, where sexuality becomes a spiritual experience that can lead to “self-divinity”. The video also mixes in imagery alluding to ancient mythology, the sacred feminine, and modern feminism, in a dizzying potpourri that accurately reflects the state of spirituality and gender relations in this day and age.
Let’s look at the meaning of God is a Woman.

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