Slave Ship Earth Cast Adrift from God – March 9, 2019 

In The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, (1956) humans are replaced by mindless and emotionless duplicates, grown in pods spawned by seeds from outer space. This is an apt metaphor for satanic possession.
Resistance growing to the globalist attempt to re-engineer humanity.
But mankind’s plight is still dire. 
Revised from 21/3/2011 and 26/07/18

by Henry Makow, PhD.

It reads like a bad script for a 1950’s horror movie. Humanity is colonized by a satanic cult. Everyone must secretly pledge allegiance to this cult if they want to advance. Members are compromised and blackmailed to ensure loyalty.
Although this cult’s monuments and symbols are everywhere, no one dares to mention its name, or challenge its dominance.  Political leaders constantly make Masonic hand signs in plain sight but no one dares ask why.
Certain subjects and people are unmentionable. Question 9-11 or the Holocaust and you will lose your job.
Entertainers must join the cult and perform satanic acts of sexual abuse and/or child ritual murder to attain success. They must endure a punch in the eye, a ritual called “soul scalping.”

One of the new, and dare we say it rather sinister-looking role models Minnesota public library will be parading for kids this summer. Click to enlarge

Children are introduced to drag queens, learn about gay sex and are encouraged to change their gender.
Murphy’s law is true. If it can go wrong, it will. For humanity, it has.
Western society has been colonized by this cult. The so-called “enlightenment” represents a rejection of the Creator’s design for humanity. This entails a denial of the very existence of God.
A tiny clique of Cabalist bankers, the Illuminati, have supplanted God (i.e. the natural and moral laws of the universe) in the specious name of “humanism,” “reason,” “progress” — masks for Satanism, Socialism, Communism, and globalism. Millions of leftists and liberals have been inducted into this cult at the lowest level. These are the people going hysterical at the election of Donald Trump. They already act like cult members, possessed, no longer human.
Here a woman writes to a liberal friend,I knew you would take the loss hard-and personally-since all of you were super jacked-up to elect the first woman president. But I did not imagine you would become totally deranged, attacking anyone who voted for Trump or supported his presidency as a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic Nazi sympathizer. 
The weirdness started on social media late on Election Night, as it became clear Hillary was going to lose. A few of you actually admitted that you were cradling your sleeping children, weeping, wondering what to tell your kindergartner the next morning about Trump’s victory. It continued over the next several days. 
Some of you seriously expressed fear about modern-day concentration camps. Despite living a privileged lifestyle, you were suddenly a casualty of the white patriarchy. Your daughters were future victims; your sons were predators-in-waiting. You threatened to leave Facebook because you could no longer enjoy the family photos or vacation posts from people who, once friends, became literal Hitlers to you on November 8 because they voted for Donald Trump.
I admit I was a little hurt at first. The attacks against us Trump voters were so personal and so vicious that I did not think it could be sustained. I thought maybe you would regain your sanity after some turkey and eggnog.
But you did not. You got worse. And I went from sad to angry to where I am today: amused.



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