The Endless Tragedy of the Clueless Manipulated

Reflections in a Petri Dish – January 6, 2011

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It’s not easy being me. Manifesting multiple personalities, in order to survive early horrors, leaves one with a clan of various characteristics, not all of them harmonious with all of them.

I just finished reading David Icke’s recent article on Rothschild Zionism. It seems like that’s the most serious problem in the world. Inbreeding Satanists have taken control of the world in large measure; I used to wonder, when I would see The Forbes List of the richest people on Earth, why weren’t The Rothschilds on the list?

Another thing I wonder about; no one has ever taken control of the whole world and, invariably when they try, the angry mob, the headsman, the gibbet come to claim them. They’re trying it now, once again. What part of ‘this has never happened’ don’t they get? It’s kind of like marching into Afghanistan expecting different results. That pipeline is never going to be operational for long.

The Rothschilds and their brood remind me of something from Clive Barker’s “Nightbreed”. They’ve been successful for a long time, ever since Amschel made his pact with the devil and set a place at their table for him to dine. I wonder if he ever shows up? Usually he shows up inside people, not outside. The same could be said for all the good influences too.

I have to hand it to the American public and let’s not leave out the Canadians and The British and the ambulatory, perambulating toadstools (your government) in Oz. Goldman Sachs is right there in your face and you don’t storm the building? They are behind just about everything you are suffering from but you can’t get it together. I am sincerely glad I left the US. I would be in chains by now if I had not gone. I used to get thrown into chains back when the place was halfway sane. These days… how do you manage?

I manage by having multiple personalities. Some are more capable of certain tasks than the others. One of them wouldn’t hurt an insect. One of them takes no prisoners. Getting them to suit up in extremis can be a humorous vignette. So far, so good. I’ve had some number of people promise to rearrange my features and several times they were nearby and could have shown up at the rendezvous but they never did. I’m waiting around and thinking why does this not happen over and over? Are they waiting for me to get old? I guess you could say I already am but all of that is relative to something.

I’m six hours by ferry from Corfu, where the Rothschilds disport themselves like crazed satyrs by virtue of pharmacological advances. I was going to go to Corfu; until I found out they were there. I know someone who owns property there and would like me to drop by but I suspect that’s not a good idea now. So I won’t be going there.

You can see who your enemy is people. It’s more and more apparent every day. Are they going to back off and ease your state of being? I don’t think so. There’s only a few of them and so very many of you. Sure, maybe I should go to Corfu but I’m not Daniel Craig playing James Bond. I only play James Bond in my head, where I am neither shaken nor stirred. I guess that means you’re getting old too, when nothing that once seemed so important attracts you any longer. Well, I have one main attraction and it just gets stronger by the day so maybe that’s why the others have diminished so much.

It surely is The Synagogue of Satan that is behind all the bad things of the time. Some would argue that The Vatican is responsible but I think there are a number of nogoodnicks who each have their niche. I don’t know who is feeding off of whom and who is serving who. I do note what Icke says in his article and it’s hard to make an argument against the names and details being just what they seem to be; whores and scoundrels serving themselves from the plate of the larger misfortune of the rest of you.

Sooner or later something has to be done about the bankers. As you can see, all those attorneys general around the US have cut a deal not to press charges. It’s just confusion over process and practice, they say. New guidelines have to be instituted. The American public should bend over and grab their ankles and whatever happens after that is whatever happens after that. The Supreme Court gave corporations the right to buy the government. They are laughing at you. They think you’re a joke and can you actually argue otherwise? You cannot, not very effectively anyway.

No country is your enemy. Politicians are your enemy but they work for the bankers. The bankers are the enemy of humanity and until you do something about them, everything is just going to go on like it always does. I don’t doubt that something will happen shortly but it will probably be something ignited from something else; an economic Sarajevo, or some final capitulation on the part of your leaders that goes too far and arouses the military, ex-military and some of the personnel in the intelligence game.

I’ve no idea how it will play out. Here’s another gatekeeper pushing Wikileaks and not offending or mentioning who’s responsible for the shit going on. Him and all of his, birds of a feather, just want to be left to rub leather elbow patches in the ivory towers and pristine meadows of academe.

What’s so hard about telling the truth? Is it that difficult? Sure, it’s costly. You might have to get pleather elbow patches. Anyone defending Wikileaks is a troll, period because Assange says that 9/11 was a non event, according to alternative views on the matter. How can anyone above the IQ level of moron not see through this?

All kinds of so called leftist sites are featuring Wikileaks. Every time you see this, you know that one more self-satisfying fool has outed themselves. Nothing that appears in the main stream media is true when it concerns political and economic matters. They got control of the media and everything else by printing counterfeit money and then loaning it out. You need to break the stranglehold of the bankers. I don’t know how you’re going to do it but you must do it. It’s either them or you.

Here’s how they work, divide and conquer and then consolidate and rule. That’s what they are doing now and when you see systems starting to crash, you will realize that they are getting your attention before seeking to herd you into the direction they want you to go. Will you catch any of this? Will you just react, when reaction is what lies between the problem and the solution both orchestrated by them?

You can do a lot the change all of this. You can step away from the system and not support it. In fact, it is your support of the financial life-lines of your oppressors that gives them the power to do what they do. Your willing contributions to empty lifestyles, in the pursuit of plastic shit you don’t need and which fill up all the closed off portions of the self you present yourself as, is the dark side of your self indulgent nature, known as the basement and the attic and the garage and closet space. All those unlived and unsatisfactory choices, made from the impulse of appetite and the seduction of advertising, are all laying away in the haunted mind gardens of our susceptible nature.

We see what’s happening to us and we know what we have to do. We see it getting worse and we know what we have to do but we don’t do it. We think the people raping and killing us and maintaining us on a treadmill of forced enslavement are suddenly going to stop doing the things they’ve been doing ever since they got here. The only way to distract a psychopath from pulling the wings off of flies is to show them a bigger, better and more satisfactory target. If you don’t get that then you don’t understand psychopathy. Bankers enter the game because money is supreme above all they value and possesses more importance than anything else. Corporations work to maximize profit. They invariably cut labor costs and benefits and anything else they can find to increase profit. Then they cut product quality to the sharpest edge that provides the maximum profit. They squeeze the last bloody nickels out of the whole affair and then it gets sold to one of those companies that cuts the whole thing up and parcels it off for junk.

Still talking about it because that’s what I do and hoping that that long awaited mass awakening will soon suddenly appear and transform this world into something closer to what it should be, some long distance from all the things it presently is and never had to become.

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