If you think the tech giants merely want to ban Infowars, think again

Mike Adams — Natural News July 17, 2018


The left-wing media has become a dangerous lynch mob, desperately calling for Infowars to be completely “deplatformed” (blacklisted) from all prominent online platforms.

The calls for such drastic censorship action against Infowars censor around an array of utterly false accusations which fraudulently assert that Alex Jones claimed no children died in the Parkland shootings — a claim that is utterly false and fraudulent. Jones never uttered any such thing, and no one has produced a single video clip of him making such an assertion.

Regardless of your opinion of Alex Jones and Infowars, what’s at stake for all of us is far greater than one man and one network. Our very right to express any dissenting view is now being threatened. Infowars is simple the precedent, you see: If they succeed in blacklisting Infowars, then Natural News and hundreds of other independent media publishers are next.

If the tech giants are not reeled in with aggressive legislative, regulatory or law enforcement action, you will soon be blocked from expressing any online opinion whatsoever about the following topics:

  • Vaccine safety / vaccine ingredients / vaccine side effects
  • Discussion of the health benefits of CBD oil or cannabis medicine
  • Criticisms of Democrats or the liberal media
  • Medication side effects and dangers of psychiatric drugs
  • Self-reliance and prepping instruction/survival videos
  • Natural cures and herbal remedies
  • Political discussions that aren’t “approved” by the authoritarian Left
  • Investigations into censorship itself
  • Pro-liberty discussions of history / America / the Constitution / Bill of Rights
  • Any criticism of transgenderism or the LGBT agenda
  • Protecting national borders / border security
  • Self-defense via firearms / Second Amendment
  • Opposing abortion / protecting the lives of unborn babies
  • Homeschooling

This is only a partial list, obviously, as there are a great many other topics that will also be banned from all the dominant online platforms.

If we don’t demand an end to the tech giants’ outrageous censorship, we will soon wake up and find ourselves living in a world where only a single “official” opinion is allowed to be expressed on any given topic. Even worse, that opinion will be decided by a deranged left-wing activist group with no loyalty to reality.

So, what can we do to fight back against the aggressive, destructive censorship being carried out by tech giants?


From my report “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded,” available at this link (PDF), here’s a list of 13 potential solutions that need to be urgently explored by lawmakers, regulators and President Trump:


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