Eastern Europe Is Showing the Way

Introduction — July 16, 2018

Christian esoteric teacher Rudolph Steiner wrote that eastern Europe, the Slavic people and particularly Russia would one day become civilisation’s centre of gravity. Then Moscow would supersede London and Rome to become the centre of the next global empire.
This is starting to happen and as it does so Western Europe is falling into decline socially and spiritually too.
The elite are using the migrant crisis to help accelerate this decline, which they know to be inevitable. By helping to accelerate this process they hope to consolidate their power and profit from it too. The likes of Emily Maitlis are helping them.
On balance we’d say that Maitlis is actually aware of the long-term consequences of what she’s arguing for. If only because the Jewish born Maitlis also happens to be married to a Merrill Lynch investment banker. So to some extent she’s probably in on the elite’s game plan.
This makes her obvious hostility towards Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó all the more telling. We’ve posted this Maitlis interview with  Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó before but Way of the World offers additional insight. Ed.

Way of the World — July 8, 2018