Hail, the Conquering Hero Comes

Lasha Darkmoon — Darkmoon July 14, 2018

As Trump flies into Britain like an emperor visiting one of his badly run colonies, Theresa May blinks and trembles in her boots
Sun headline. Click to enlarge

Sun headline. Click to enlarge

A scare story published yesterday in Britain’s bestselling newspaper The Sun was dismissed later on by Donald Trump as “fake news”. This bore the sensational headline: “MAY HAS WRECKED BREXIT . . . US DEAL IS OFF!” 
Note however that everything Trump is reported to have said in that exclusive interview with the Sun was actually recorded. The president was in no way misquoted. Whatever he said, moreover, was a reflection  of the truth as seen by the 17.4 million Brits, myself included, who had voted for Brexit and now feel cruelly betrayed by the most two-faced and treacherous prime minister since Tony Blair. For sheer double-crossing duplicity, Theresa May wins the shame prize. 
Trump said that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who had resigned in a huff after seeing Brexit betrayed, would make a “great Prime Minister”. Anything wrong with that? No, it was just Trump’s cheeky way of saying that Boris (pictured here) would make a far better prime minister than the traitor Theresa May who has just stabbed the British public in the back with a Florentine stiletto, à la Lucrezia Borgia, after assuring them she was about to lead them into the Promised Land — outside Europe.
Her oft-repeated mantra  “BREXIT MEANS BREXIT” now rings hollow in the ears of 17.4 millions Brits who voted for a clean break from Europe. It belongs in the same category of Orwellian doublespeak slogans like “WAR IS PEACE”,  “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY”, and “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”. Madam May has turned out to be a hypocrite of the first order, it would seem, and Donald Trump has had the imperial chutzpah to out her as the hypocrite she is, without actually calling her a hypocrite to her face.
Brilliant! Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant! . . . Well, not quite. There’s still hope of rescue from this dire situation, provided the Brits can unite behind a great leader of principle, lurking in the shadows and awaiting his Palm Sunday moment. I refer to the inimitable Jacob Rees-Mogg — the only man in Britain who could slay the Dragon Lady masquerading right now as a prime minister.
The Brits voted for a clean Brexit, not an unclean one. They voted to leave Europe, not to half leave it.
Here are the people speaking. They do not mince their words. Listen carefully. Each is a different voice, all adding up to a caterwauling chorus of complaint:
—  “Not only has the Chequers agreement betrayed the electorate. It also shows that the Government has lied over the past two years.”
—  “The agreement that came from Chequers manifestly fails to implement the referendum result. It has all the hallmarks of a deceitful politician.”
—  “We are being double-crossed and ignored by the traitors on the Tory party. So much for the will of the people. Democracy is dead in this country.”
—  “I used to admire Mrs May, with her poise, style and strength of character…. I now realise she has misled the people for the past two years. That is unforgivable.”
—  “After hiding behind the settee throughout the UK referendum campaign and then crawling into the Premiership, Theresa May has finally revealed herself as the Quisling for our times.
—  “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so betrayed. We won the referendum, but never have we felt more like losers.”
—  These are frightening times. The Chequers proposal has made it likely we will become a vassal state to the EU. Mrs May and the Remainers are laughing at democracy and enjoying every moment. The electorate count for nothing in their eyes.
—  “Theresa May has let us all down and I will never trust her again. If she is not replaced fast, the consequences could be dire.”
Sourced from The Daily Mail, Your Anger over Brexit Betrayal, 12 July 2018, pp. 24-25
Voices wailing in the wilderness … shrieking from the rooftops. So sad. These misguided wretches actually believe that voting makes a difference. That we in the West live under model democracies. If only they knew! We are little better off than Uzbekistan where they boil people alive on the slightest pretext.
—   §   —
President Trump has now come to the rescue of the Brexiters. His brutally honest comments have severely damaged Theresa May. The two-faced lady is still licking her wounds and wondering how to deal with this smug orange-haired emperor from overseas.
The Emperor has accused EU leaders of destroying European  culture and identity by allowing in millions of unwanted migrants. He has said that former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would make “a great Prime Minister”, thereby implying that Theresa May makes a lousy one.  He insists on maintaining friendly relations with Vladimir Putin instead of slagging him off at every opportunity. He has embarrassed the hell out of European leaders for not spending enough money on the defence of Europe, insisting that they double and even triple their current parsimonious contributions.
Above all, Trump has proved a thorn in the flesh to Theresa May by telling her in no uncertain terms that she has failed to take his imperial advice on Brexit, that she has betrayed the British people by giving them the opposite of what they voted for at the referendum, and that she has shown scant respect for democracy.
Migration is “killing Europe”, Trump said. Was he lying? Of course not! He was spot on. He has started to crack down on mass immigration in America and naturally wonders what is making Theresa May so complacent about its viral effects in the UK.  Is May so incredibly dense, like Germany’s deranged Chancellor Angela Merkel, that she remains unaware of the fact that Europe’s borders need to be protected — if necessary by gunboats — from foreign invaders masquerading as “refugees”?
“I told May how to do Brexit but she didn’t listen to me!” Trump complains. If May had listened to him, she would now have a trade deal with America that would have been second to none. Free trade —no tariffs! By clinging to the EU’s skirts, May has chosen to go slogging on as a vassal state of Europe.
Trump was indeed brutally honest. Hardly a diplomat. More like an enfant terrible nonchalently speaking his mind to a tedious subordinate. Trump tells us archly that Mrs May does not bore him, the very disclaimer itself suggesting that she probably does. This is the lady who is so humourless that, when asked what the naughtiest thing she had ever done in her life was, replied woodenly: “Running through fields of wheat as a child — the farmers weren’t too pleased.”
It’s a wonder how such a saintly lady, a vicar daughter forsooth, can suddenly morph into a female version of Judas Iscariot.
Truly, you can’t make this up.
—   §   —
Here is what a former critic of Trump has to say about him now:
“Bashing Trump is certainly fashionable. But there’s a narrow-mindedness and bigotry to the attacks that is both unintelligent and unattractive.
Is there another side to the story?
Because of the snobbery and bias of much of the British media who look down their noses at Trump because he’s a businessman not a policy wonk, because he likes McDonald’s not haute cuisine — and because he speaks in plain English instead of the highfalutin’ bureaucratic claptrap you normally get from politicians, I suspect most people in the UK get a uniformly negative presentation of the Trump presidency.
Back in 2016 I thought Donald Trump would make a better president than Hillary Clinton for three main reasons.
FIRST, Trump promised to get the economy moving, to reverse the decades-long slump in jobs and incomes that was the result of the elitist policies pursued by Democrats and Republicans. Trump promised to slash red tape and cut taxes.
He has delivered spectacularly: A massive reduction in regulations and a dramatic tax reform have led to a transformation in business confidence and investment.
That translated into the first significant pay rises for ordinary Americans for decades, and historic falls in unemployment — including the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded for black Americans.
The SECOND big argument for Trump was his pledge to control immigration. The elitists focused on his harsh rhetoric. But working Americans understood what none of the establishment politicians was prepared to admit: That uncontrolled immigration meant an uncontrolled flow of cheap, imported labour that undermined wage rates.
Again, Trump has delivered. Immigration enforcement has been stepped up and the overall numbers are down. Trump wants to go further but needs Congress to get its act together.
The THIRD key promise was to “Drain The Swamp”. By this he meant taking on the system of cronyism and corruption in Washington DC that puts the real power in the hands of big business, wealthy donors, shadowy lobbyists and faceless bureaucrats in the “Deep State”.
Here too there has been progress. There is more to do but the Trump administration has implemented the toughest ever clampdown on federal government employees leaving their jobs to lobby from the private sector.
And the biggest change of all might turn out to be Trump’s assault on the unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats of the Deep State — not just by cutting regulations but by appointing judges at every level who are committed to reining in the power of the bureaucracy.
All this go-ahead drive and energy is such a contrast with Theresa May’s lacklustre and uninspiring drift.
Whether you love or loathe Donald Trump — and remember, in America he has the second highest own-party approval ratings of any president since World War Two — everyone in Britain should hope that Theresa May picks up some of his positive, pro-enterprise exuberance.
— Steve Hilton in The Sun, 13 July 2018
Enough from me. I have said many bad things about Trump in the past, some of them possibly true. Who hasn’t? But I will say this. Perceptions change, and new events give rise to new thoughts. Trump’s visit to Britain has done his image a great deal of good, especially in the eyes of his fellow Americans who like to see their statesmen behave presidentially, with aplomb and panache, with pomp and circumstance.

Melania Trump May

“I am a very stable genius.” — Donald Trump

Trump now begins to look — dare I say it? — like the parody of a great president! Napoleon has nothing on this guy. If he isn’t the genuine article, he is at the very least a consummate actor.

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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