London’s Anti-Trump Protests: the Big Non-Event?

Commentary — July 13, 2018

Large scale protest in London over Trumps visit
This website doesn’t support Donald Trump and we don’t think that he can be entirely trusted either. Nonetheless, the media’s coverage of protests against Trump’s current visit to the UK isn’t entirely convincing.
We have repeatedly been warned that Trump’s visit to the UK was expected to trigger widespread protests. However, rather than large-popular demonstrations thus far we’ve only seen relatively small protests.
For example a protest against Trump outside the NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday had been expected to draw thousands. In the event only a few dozen pitched up. It was a foretaste of what was to come during Trump’s visit to London the following day.
Prior to this the corporate media had warned that Trump was “deeply unpopular” with Britons who were expected to stage mass protests.
Thus far that hasn’t happened. Despite the corporate media seeming to actively promote protests; with route maps for planned protest marches the protests have been something of a damp squib, at least so far.
On the first day of Trump’s actual visit the Evening Standard reported “lively” and “noisy” protests” near Winfield House in Regents Park, where Trump and his wife Melenia stayed Thursday night.
However, to get a more accurate idea of what happened substitute the words “lively” and “noisy” with “limited” and “middle-class”. Because the protests were not so much a reflections of grassroots feeling as a manifestation of white liberal sentiment.
Even the Trump Baby Blimp, which was to have been the focus of the “mass protest”, turned into something of disappointment. In the event it was airborne over Parliament Square for less than two hours, watched by a few hundred protesters, before it was deflated and packed away.

On Thursday the New York Times had warned that “100,000” were expected to converge on anti-Trump protests in London. Come Friday the NYT was forced to change that headline to “Big Protests Greet Trump’s Visit to Britain” when it became clear that there were nowhere near as many as “100,000” protesters.
Meanwhile the Guardian had predicted on Thursday that “tens of thousands” were expected to participate in anti-Trump protests but even that seemed an overstatement by Friday.

Of course this could change over the weekend and tens of thousands could indeed converge on London to protest. Time will tell.
However to reiterate, this site doesn’t support or even trust Donald Trump. Nonetheless, we can’t help feeling that the “anti-Trump protests” aren’t as widely supported as the media would have us believe. That this is yet another example of “fake news” being manufactured by the media in the absence of genuine hostility to toward the U.S. president.
Britons may not particularly like Donald Trump but, apart from a few middle-class white liberals, it seems that they are not ready to take to the streets en masse in protests either.

Footnote — July 13, 2018

Some larger protests against Trump’s visit to London do finally seem to be taking place. However, they appear to be little bigger than protests over Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment, and a lot smaller than the Football Lads Alliance march in London last October.
That particular protest reportedly attracted around 40,000 marchers. Yet media outlets like the Evening Standard and the BBC gave that protest next to no coverage.
Why do we have this double-standard from our supposedly “free” media?

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